Day 3 of FIFA world cup!


FIFA world cup 2018 is leading higher and higher day by day. So, on the third day of it‘s magic, it came up with 3 matches, one match at the mid night. Group C matches started their scheduled. The match is between France and Australia at Kazan. Next match goes with Argentina Vs Iceland at Otkrytiye Arena, Moscow initiating Group D matches. Next lead goes to Denmark and Peru at Mordovia Arena Saransk in Russia. And finally, the Mid Night match is between Croatia and Nigeria at Kaliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad.

France Vs Australia

According to prediction, people are expecting France to pop out and grab the victory. When we concentrate one history of two teams, France has its own fans club, favourites and it’s own quality. It stands 7th in FIFA ranking and heading far away from Australia. Whereas, Australia standing in 36th FIFA ranking. So, it was believed winning charm will hug France rather than Australia. 

Finally, as per prediction, France took off the crowd and winning crown. France scored 2-1 against Australia and made their stand in ranking. 

Argentina Vs Iceland

This match will make it blow exclusively for the football superstar Lionel Messi. His fans and entire Barcelona favours looked up for Messi and his kick. On other hand Iceland is considered as little weak as a team from the day of their world cup. Though, their performance for past two years brilliant and something to be notable. Based on number of predictions and previews, it is to be expected that Argentina make out today. 

Today, though match went so exciting, fans were little upset as it went draw. Both teams equally showed their capability scoring 1-1. People who bannered Messi little felt disappointed, as Argentina couldn’t make up today. But still people are barking that they could snatch it next time. 

Denmark Vs Peru

After long time Peru is returning back to world cup. It is believed Peru, Denmark and France are the favourite teams of Japan. Thus, results are expected to be smooth and encouraging one. Denmark is heading with its star player, midfielder Christian Eriksson and Paolo Guerrero is returning back after his ban for doping. Though, many doubt for his fitness, but team are convincing he is fit enough achieve in FIFA

As predicted, Denmark made today with 0-1 against Peru and marked their victory very easily. Yussuf Poulsen scored the solitary goal to give Denmark a winning team. And Peru’s Christian Cueva missed a penalty just before the half-time break. 

Croatia Vs Nigeria

Two competitive teams to be faced each other. It is previewed Croatia could crack it today. But, Both teams had to make this match successful, to sustain their place in Group D. As they have two powerful teams with them. As it is clear, Nigeria hasn’t won a single match against Croatia so far. And it is the weakest of all teams in the group. As the team is banged with good players, high expectations follow the manager and coach. 

At last, Croatia gave 2 points for their group and took their to victory scoring 2-0 beating Nigeria. Though, it was challenging match for both team people, match was little boring as there was lack of creativity at the end.


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