Fidel Castro’s son commits suicide

Fidel castro son
  • Sindhu Bharathi Anandan

It has hardly been two years since the Cubans had to face the death of their beloved leader Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro had been a key person in the revolution of the Cuban government and served as the President of Cuba and had been in ruling party for nearly fifty years. The citizens of Cuba are yet to relieve from that grief and to add to on that, now, his eldest son from his first marriage, Fidel Castro Diaz- Balart took his own life.

Fidel Castro Jr, fondly knows as ‘Fidelito’ was born on September 1, 1949, to Fidel Castro and Mirta Diaz- Balart. He is a scientist and received training from the former Soviet Union. He has also helped in the development of nuclear power programme in the communist-ruled country. Later he was appointed as a Scientific Adviser to the Cuban government and also served as Vice-Chairman of Academy Of Sciences, Cuba till his death.

Castro Jr had been fighting depression for over a year and had been hospitalised several times for the same reason. He eventually lost to depression by taking his own life. His sudden demise had come as a shock to many and this is yet another irreparable loss to the country. The Cuban media reported that his family is deeply mourning and are preparing for his funeral.


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