Fictional Characters Can Give Us A Lesson to Learn !

Fictional Characters

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Welcome to the fictional world Fellas..!!!

The love for fictional characters grows, even when we are not able to understand them. Rather, as a child I used to mimic few of my cartoons, so did we all I guess. Fictional characters always mesmerize us because they are amazing.

When I was in 9th grade, one of my friends Introduced me to Novel (I know I was a bit late), and since then I never stopped myself from Reading fictional stories.
Even before finishing One, I always use to have a list of next to be read in my bucket.

Then Came-TV shows (fictional shows), You can hardly disagree with the fact that we all are actually restless for the next season of our fav tv shows.
We just start praying for our fav character, then we cry with them, we live in their world..that’s how much we are addicted sometime.
So, We just learn to Empathize and relate to fictional characters.

Secretly we all wish to possess power like our Superheroes, to have the wisdom like Tyrion Lannister, to have the intelligence level of Michael Scofield and we all pretend to be Sherlock at our own level.

And one thing that inspirational characters all have in common is that they each produce a lesson or two to learn from.
If you are into Binge watching International shows and a bookworm, you are at right place.
The List below may or may not have lead protagonist character, but trust me, they prove to be nothing short of being one. many times they outshine even lead actors.

BATMAN –  In the Race of Favourite superhero, it’s not easy to choose one.

They Say with Great Power comes great Responsibility, but BATMAN Is the only Superman who hasn’t got any power yet took great Responsibility.
When you see Hulk, Flash, Spiderman, Superman Etc etc, What first Strikes your mind?
What makes them different from each other despite serving the same purpose to save Humanity…?

Their POWER.

Isn’t it?
They all have something that makes them superior from Human. Something that a normal human being can’t achieve.
And that’s what makes BATMAN unique from all these.
Batman Teaches us that Despite having any Superior power you can always serve humanity if you will to.
So, Go Ahead and be a Batman of your own life.


Image Source: Batman

Make your Greatest fear your power just like Batman did.
He chooses the symbol of the bat to strike fear into criminals just like bats once did to him as a child…….
So What’s your thought and what’s your Power to make the world a better place?


Every Happy & pure soul on earth deserve a brother and lover like Michael Scofield.

When was the last time You did something for your brother going out of your way? Until you Push your Brain a little, let’s learn a bit about MICHAEL.
This guy proves that you can love & protect your family unconditionally and can be morally right at the same time.
The way he protected his brother LINCOLN and SARAH taking extreme measures, Inspires us.

Let alone his family, he helped everyone in his way for NO REASON.

Prison Break

Image Source: Prison Break

The way he connects Emotionally with his fans is very rare.
Recently its last season ended, and even being a die-hard fan of prison break I was literally praying to give this man peace now.

Just settle him for once and all even at the cost of never seeing him again.

 "Michael scofield is someone everyone can relate to  but nobody would
  want to be in his shoes." - Wentworth miller

He deserved to be with his family after this terrible journey, he deserved to be with his SON.

P.S.  – I Literally felt very bad and heartbroken when I got to know WENTWORTH MILLER is GAY in real. he was so my FICTIONAL CRUSH.

 Dr. Watson:

We all know Sherlock (The greatest detective of his Era and still ruling ).His brilliance and greatness are Indefinable now.
Where there is Sherlock, of course, there is Watson but somehow I feel he is Underrated.
Dr. Watson stands as a symbol of loyalty and friendship that has been so strong and well received in the literature that it has lasted into this century and will last into the next.

He has been a constant Source of Sherlock’s Glory.
In Watson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has Presented a Critic (when Sherlock needed to be brought back to the ground),”straightforward” and “true”, A great confidant, most and must of all Doyle uses him as a device to explain what Holmes does.

Dr Watson

Image Source: Dr. Watson

Sherlock’s over intelligent mind blurs normal things to him. Watson translates the normal world to him because he processes information too fastly to see the obvious connection.
He may not be Luminous himself, but he is a conductor of light.
His unimaginative exposition is the perfect catalyst to Holmes’ explanations and illuminations.

Harvey Spectre:

There is a very fine line between Confidence & overconfidence, and that fine line is HARVEY SPECTRE.
Yes. “Confidence”, That’s something everyone wants.
He owns his own character, he defines his own realm. He is pretty much the epitome of Patriarchal privilege.
You won’t see Harvey worrying about what people think of him whether it be positive or negative — in fact, he’ll sometimes use those negative opinions to his advantage.

Harvey Specter

Image Source: Harvey Specter

“The better you Dress, the worse you can behave”- Harvey Specter

Apart from confidence and his dressing what Harvey Excel in is his Words.
I will just quote few of his which are my favourite which you might wanna steal.

“Don’t play the ODD, play the MAN”
“It’s not Bragging If it’s true”
“I Refuse to Answer that on the Ground that I don’t want to answer” (trust me, this one always works).
“According to me is the only ACCORDING To that matters”


Mr.Darcy :

All those bookworms, especially into Classic one will know who I am talking about, and those who don’t read, get ready to introduce to most Romantic yet Prejudice lover.
Jane Austen, in her Novel “PRIDE & PREJUDICE” has secretly Decoded how every girl’s Dream man would be Like.
Mr. Darcy is a man who Respected a Women’s opinion even in that era.(Boys take a note..!!!) . He dared to love women who have spirited Wit and a Good sense. Mr. Darcy chose Brain over Beauty.

He being himself Proud (Misunderstood, an actual word should be INTROVERT), accepted his follies and corrected it.

When got a denial from Elizabeth, he accepted that Gracefully but not given hope.

Mr Darcy

Image Source: Mr. Darcy

I can go on and on in his admiration and it will never end, so I will leave you with few lines by him that would urge you to read it again…

“My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”
“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”
“You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. And wish from this day forth never to be parted from you”.


Jaime Lannister

When We Speak about GAME OF THRONES, it’s just a crime to pick one character. I know, this must have been the most shocking name in the list JAIME LANNISTER…!!!

There are Characters that are either Black or white, but Jaime Lannister, in my opinion, has always been GREY. Fans are still confused in choosing a correct ADJECTIVE for him. He is the most Misunderstood character in the whole show.
Except for BRIENNE, no one other has understood him properly.He has been accused of INCEST but nobody noticed his Loyalty towards his love.
Loyalty is the most underrated quality nowadays, but I value it the most.

Jamie lannister

Image Source: Jamie Lannister

I mean just for a second if you ignore CERSEI as his sister and consider her a normal girl.
Now can you see the LOYALTY LEVEl of Jamie towards his love?
It would be like from the scale of Littlefinger to Jaime Lannister What’s your loyalty level?

Jaime clearly made some bad moves, most notably pushing Bran out the window, and killing Ned Stark’s men in the rumble outside the brothel.
I certainly won’t defend him for those actions, but he did the former out of his love for Cersei and the latter to protect/avenge his brother Tyrion. Anything wrong he ever did was for Cersei, for the love he had for her. Remember his Golden Words “Things I do for LOVE.”

Jessica Pearson:

Jessica Pearson is the managing partner of Pearson Spectre, A Real HARDBALL, The silent guardian !!!
I was blown up by the persona of hers in SUITS when I initially watched it. She was my first favourite in SUITS. When she enters the room, the power Immediately shifts in her favor.


Image Source: Jessica Pearson

She can give you major LEADERSHIP goals that you might wanna take a note.

Walk the floor often – She connects with her Employees even despite her busy schedule, she always knows when to PAT on Back & who to make a day away from the office.
Back your TEAM – she always has an Undivided support to her employees in front of outsiders (BUT nobody can save them in person when she REPRIMANDS)
Be Relentless – she will risk everything in the world just to make sure her firm and staff never suffer and why not?
Stay ahead of your competition – well Jessica always keeps her enemy and competitor closer and that’s why she seldom is surprised and can easily predict rival’s move.
Be a Mentor – When you Lead, you have to Make your team strong. You focus on the development of your team. Sometimes you have to kick their ass and sometimes you have to Praise their work.


You can not notice Jesse pinkman presence in Breaking Bad.

JESSE PINKMAN, whenever I came across this character, the first thing that crosses my mind is how important is the right amount of family support in our life.
We say child spoils because parents don’t show enough care to their child, but how do one define care?

What happens when they show extra care which technically is known as Pressure.
Well, Jesse pinkman is a perfect example of a child who could have been a brilliant and bright person if had he got the right amount of family support.

When we talk about Jesse pinkman, all we picture is a street smart drug dealer, a troubled kid who was never given a chance to live, hardly an angelic character, a druggie burnout & a loser.

Jesse Pinkman

Image Source: Jesse Pinkman

All these things were not the one he desired to be. He was disowned by his own family and didn’t have a choice to be all that he could have been.

While both the characters are plunged into dark side but for different reasons.
Walt for POWER and Jesse’s darkness is caused by GUILT.

He’s a good guy, a bright kid with a wounded soul, who just needs the right guidance. He didn’t have a family or career to fall back on.

“Jesse is a leader who thinks he’s a follower.”- Vince Gilligan


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