Festival days!


Festivals…some creatures are so lively they do not need occasions to celebrate their happiness they celebrate each moment as special as anything else….for them.. leaves of trees start fluttering as on their meetings with festival…it is true that festivals have sparks within themselves of light that brings happiness the courage to start something small encouragement that motivates us to move forward…not only this but enthusiasm to prove oneself with all dresses …attires are something very important aspect as they add the new charm to the personality and due to this many things occurs in manu new different ways!!!

Sweets pudding not less than anything else always there to hit our taste buds. Pooja to give respect to our ideal the peace-giving divine it’s very important to do offerings…so a large crowd with buckets full of roses stands with the hopes and dreams they admire in their lives. Ideals always help the soul !!! Not only this but the blessings prove very positive as our elders bless us with all pure waves….the aroma feels good so far it’s all about the celebration.on contrary children busy in all depth which is filled with the respected festivals matter.

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