I am not a feminist, Really?

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How easy it is to veil dubiousness and portray the whole of ‘feminism’ as ambiguous in nature. Have you ever come across posts in social media that share someone’s passionate aggression against women oppression and then conclude with one statement ‘I am not a feminist’. The concluding statement lays siege over the charm that the words awed you with. What do they fear? They fear the criticisms that feminism face. They refuse to explore the depth of the concept and choose to remain in an uncertain state, content with the little dangerous knowledge they have. Sorry, indeed but dubious opinions are often characterised by a weak mind which falls prey to diffidence, perplexity and unaroused interests. And thus the hazy picture of feminism brings out hypocrisies which degrade it in its ‘developmental’ phase. Here are 3 hypocrisies that exist in this ‘developmental’ phase of feminism.

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In the ‘outdated’ age when ‘backwards’ women served. Husbands were reported or rather found suppressing their wives. Well now, it has become a common practice for girls to submit to their boyfriends under the institution ‘love’. In this case, boyfriends can condemn their girlfriends for hanging out with male friends. Now how do you take on the progress of feminism? Or rather regress?

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A famous hashtag now in twitter, meninism is a satire that mocks at feminism, okay more precisely radical feminism. Besides, the meaning of which it originated is in complete contrast with what form it has taken now. Meninism was the term used for the movement BY MEN to support the feminist ideas and now it stands as a parody to those ideas. Drop down regress!

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Opinions at times are of the form which views feminism as a perspective. Exploiting the interests of men and which stands against the whole idea of ‘equality’. It is a futile argument that rejects the holistic character of the perspective. One as men do face issues but rupturing the feminist movement and its issues is not a remedy to that. A true movement, focussing on issues more serious than mockery at feminism sounds more like a solution to their problem. Finally, hypocrisy salutes it’s peak when women reject the feminist idea as an attempt to support ‘Gender Equality’. Well, it is feminism which brought them the freedom to express and voice their opinions on ‘Gender Equality’.


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