Feel Brave, England!

England got defeated 2-1 against Croatia in the 2nd Semifinal, Croatia now will play against France in the final of the world cup 2018 on Sunday.


Last night from Moscow to London to Manchester to Liverpool everywhere English people just kept saying “it’s coming home” they were hopes, wishes and believe that this is our time but after 120 min of battling football inside the Luzhniki stadium they know that “it’s not coming home”. England failed to surpass the semi-final challenge against Croatia and dreams of playing a world cup final is crushed. But whether it’s counted as a big failure or a big step in terms of something very special to come in future?

It’s too hard to digest, absolutely heartbreaking for any English fan seeing their players collapsed on the pitch with tears in eyes and a regret in the heart that this is opportunity missed us, but if you brave then opportunity makes your way automatically  and every Englishman should know “Three Lions” were brave in this world cup and this failure must be celebrated as success because this young English team played like the big heroes of tomorrow of the nation. And opportunity will return soon in 4 years in Qatar.

England team always  considered a good group of Individuals but in this tournament they showed amazing togetherness, they played like a real team where every player in every position of the filed compliments each other, for this all credit goes to the team Manager Gareth Southgate, he is the man who made this team play like a team,he gave them new character and style, he made players comfortable and allowed to them to in their own brackets all over he re-shaped this young English team that was looked absolutely disjointed after that defeat to Iceland in Euro 2016.

This world cup gave England many future superstars who will rise more in future like the story of Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford who’s amazing goalkeeping and saves help England to come soo far in tournament, certainly he is their future man, then helping him in the back  where we saw great characters like Harry Maguire and John Stones, creative masters like Dele Ali and Raheem Sterling and leading the front their real Man Harry Kane who still the top scorer the in tournament with 6 goals. They all performed at their best probably beyond expectations because even many Englishman hasn’t dreamed of this much they were expecting England at most reaching quarter-finals but due to their commitment England on the verge of finishing 3rd in the tournament if they able to beat Belgium in the 3rd match playoff.

For now, it’s very painful to accept the reality that “it’s not coming home” and have to praise Croatia they deserve to go in final because there were all over the better team in that 120 min. But it’s a positive and big step to take English football further and should be celebrated as a success, not a failure and should feel proud on the Players for whatever they achieved for this nation.



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