How a large number of us can even consider doing what this man is doing as such valiantly in the video? Notwithstanding going over a lion can make one shudder, however, this man is by all accounts playing with the lioness – serenely sitting on a seat, offering it a trap.

The video demonstrating the man encouraging the lioness with his hands has turned into a web sensation. It was allegedly recorded in Gujarat’s Gir woodland go.

The man doesn’t just give the lioness its supper, he allures the ravenous monster -lioness with the chicken, pulls the poor feathered creature away and after that brings it closer, until the wild creature gets the winged creature and takes it away.

Be that as it may, this isn’t the first occasion when somebody was captured for unlawfully nourishing a wild creature.

Prior, one comparative video demonstrating a man nourishing a lion had turned into a web sensation following which seven men were captured.

A months ago, no less than 23 lions kicked the bucket in Gir in an uncommon arrangement of passings that constrained the Gujarat Forest Department to embrace a huge study with the end goal to recognize and treat debilitated lions.

The Gujarat High Court had addressed if illicit lion appears, amid which the huge felines are encouraged chicken, could to be to be faulted for the creatures falling prey to viral contaminations.

On the planet, Asiatic lions are discovered just in Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat. Calmly managing the cats could be a reason for stress, given that there are just several them.

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