Fate & Free Will

Fate & Free

We have all at some point in time said or agreed that everything that happens here on earth fated. Some people say that everything is fated to happen in a particular manner and cannot be changed by any means while some say that fate is an action determined thing and thus can be changed by the change in our course of action. How contradictory are the two states mentioned afore?

How can the aforesaid duo be true all the time, that too when they totally oppose each other, with one saying that the pre-fixed things cannot be changed and the other making us sit and ponder over our actions so as to changed or re-write our fate.


It is a true fact, that there are a few things predestined and we are bound with no option in hand other than to accept them just the way they are. This includes everything that cannot be changed right from our birth to everyone whom you meet throughout your life to every place where you land to anytime you die, it’s all predestined. Because when things are beyond your power to control you often live through the irony, ‘a fall off the mounting clip can let you skip the death while a tiny stone in your body can kill you.’

There are thing par our ability to handle, but there are also a few things within our capacity to be dealt with. They are the only things that can be altered through efforts, through hard work and determination. This includes the level of satisfaction and success that you stand upon. Your marksheets with a better mark scored, a change from your daily simple oatmeal to biryani kabaab is also a thing that can be changed through efforts but, that requires you to stop being lazy and courageous enough to get up and work. This includes every little, big thing that is a result of your action.

You just have to be a man who knows to see the brighter side of the of the coin. This requires you to be a pal with optimism. So, never give up your faith in optimism and hope.



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