The global fashion industry has evolved considerably in the last five years. Apart from the traditional fashion biggies like US, France, Italy, and the UK, emerging fashion markets have also cropped up like India, UAE, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, and Brazil. They all serve the fashion industry well, but from the looks of it, they have not been able to serve Nature equally well!

Manufacturers are only concerned with the raw material. They hardly take note of the exploitation imposed on animals in order to obtain the raw material. Animals, especially cattle are brutally skinned alive, cut open, or electrocuted to make leather out of their skin. Sheep, foxes, rabbits, dogs, and cats are reared under miserable conditions for fur.

Reptiles like snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and turtles are tortured to satisfy the exotic skin industry. Designers make use of these exotic skins without bothering to find out whether the supplier used ethical measures to obtain them. Stingrays and sharks are captured and slaughtered for their skin. They are getting extinct because of this practice.


Recycled accessories like handbags, jewellery and even clothing can be considered eco-friendly. They look elegant and are cost-efficient as well. But how much of sincere effort has been made in order to promote the use of recycled fashion products? In fact, not even sufficient awareness has been created by manufacturers and designers towards their use

Many manufacturers claim that they make and supply organic products. But not all are genuine. Customers are willing to pay higher prices for organic products. In order to obtain higher prices from ignorant customers, companies label ordinary clothing and accessories as organic when the products may be quite far from being organic!

It is necessary for the global fashion industry to be environment-friendly. In this era of global warming, taking little precautions can make a considerable difference. Every step that the fashion industry takes will contribute to the overall well being of Mother Earth. In fact, every fashion show should have something or the other for eco-friendly fashion, regardless of the theme.




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