Fall in Love, with yourself!!!


It’s miserable yet magical
How a broken heart feels
Overwhelmed by the pain you’ve got,
You cry yourself to sleep.

You dreaded this moment
Convinced, it would kill.
And yet-you stand strong,
With an iron grit and will.

Had I not chased the fleeting moments!
If I only knew what love meant.
What I knew was- it brings pain,
Leaves people broken and bent.

They ask me, why I don’t surrender
And there is no reason why.
This is time-consuming honestly speaking,
I don’t have a smart reply.

You say you love the rain
And have umbrellas made.
You talk about being sun-kissed
And prefer to walk in the shade.

Because all those things you loved once,
Later turn into just stories on the shelf.
It’s time that you discover your essence first,
And fall in love, with yourself.


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