Facebook Has Blocked 115 Accounts Before The Mid-Term Elections


Facebook said that in the wake of mid-term elections in the United States on Tuesday, it has blocked 115 accounts. These accounts of ‘co-ordinated informal behaviour’ in the suspicion of joining foreign groups were trying to interfere in the US elections.

Social media company wrote in a blog post on Monday, that it has closed 85 accounts on the site Instagram, which has 30 accounts and shares on Facebook and is investigating in detail in this regard.

Head of Facebook’s cybersecurity policy, Nathaniel Gleacher wrote in the post that the US took action on the information of law enforcement officials in the US. Officials informed the company about the online activity that was recently discovered. He believed that ‘it can be linked to foreign institutions.’

The American technology company has extended security under its attempt to fight against misleading, misinformed campaigns because the people who have trouble with Russian groups are trying to distribute voters and reduce the credibility of democracy.

Before the 2016 presidential election in the US, Russian groups who had influenced the opinion of the people adopted such a stance and Facebook has taken this step as a means to stop this abuse.

Last month, the company removed 82 pages, accounts, and groups that were connected to Iran and intended to foment social struggles in America. In Britain, Facebook had done far more comprehensive action in August and removed 652 pages, groups, and accounts associated with Russia and Iran. Gleacher said that after the completion of the investigation, the company will detail in detail whether this account is not linked to the Internet Research Agency based on Russia or other foreign institutions.


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