Sony Coming Up with Contact Lens that can Record Videos

sony contact lens

It’s no more a science fiction!!

If I were to answer the question of what sense out of the five senses I love the most or is the most crucial for the survival of a human being then my answer and most of the reader’s answer to this obvious question would be the “sense of sight”.

Eyes are infact one of the most important parts of a human being though you could survive without them! But life without eyes is darkness and void!!
Did you know that eyes are the second most complex organ after brain? And also did you know 80% of our memories are determined by what we see?

sony contact lens

So you may ask why all this eye talk?? Well, recently Sony has patented a contact lens. You may ask, I have seen many contact lenses what’s so new about this one? Well there is a reason why Sony has patented it you see. These lens allow you to record a video and take pictures as you blink your eye. And the awesome part is that these contact lenses also determine if your blink was intentional or involuntary . How cool is that!!

For all the geeks out there, these contact lenses are embedded with sensors and not just any sensors but piezoelectric sensors which allow you to charge the battery of the device as you blink. Awesome right?

We have come a long way since the olden times when losing sight was thought to be permanent, irrespective of it’s cause. We now not only have the spectacles , normal contact lenses and laser treatments but also the cool stuff that enables us achieve more things than what the eye is actually meant for.
And I don’t think days are far, when you will get contact lenses that emit laser like Gwen in Ben 10!!


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