When Expression Faces Aggression!

students protest

Youth, undoubtedly is considered the most vibrant and dynamic section of the masses in any country. This lot possesses the most appreciable reasoning abilities and holds indefinite potential. The intellectual boom during this period makes us judge and counter every argument that our minds can grab. The youth is herded by the enthusiasm that comes with the age.

Students have expressed since ages in various benevolent ways and at the same time shouldering the responsibility of behaving like the strongest representative of the learned cultured agile and aware. There have been incidents spotted around the globe that highlight the better changes in the society leading from such expressions. Students have always been the strongest voice against injustice as we can gather from the role they played in all different struggles including pre independence movements such as Swadeshi movement and the protest against defaults in the political system by students of prestigious universities.

student protests

The bright side of this scenario is that students have firm opinions that are hardly guided by personal motives. The brighter part within this is that the students possess the audacity to stand against the ‘powerful’ society and the system. Such activism had been shown by students of Assam who led the Assam movement years back that lead to signing of the assam accord in 1985. The students through this movement liberated the people of Assam against insecurity they faced due to illegal immigrants. A dynamic and agile youth can investigate matters, make skeletons pop out of grave, demand answers, pose legitimate questions, put forward undebatable arguments and challenge the breaches in the system. More like they pose a threat to the political family? No! They pose a major threat to the corrupted members of this family.

The dark side unfolds when such expressions collide against aggression. The youth is aware of its rights lending it the freedom of speech and expression. It is free to accept and express opinions of its choice. Again it is natural of views to differ that is what makes the debate strong and intelligent. For instance the the difference in views of the rightist and leftist opinions that divides the youth. Leftist being the more liberal and accommodative one is setting trends and expanding its sphere of influence. However rightists also come up with equally vital and valid opinions. Both the groups have to accept each other’s freedom of speech and expression. If it is a matter of such easy acceptance, where does the problem arise? The problem arises when these epitomes of wise and active citizens resort to violence and instead of claiming acceptance through healthy means they force their opinions on the general mass. Such activities portray these voices as ineligible to take a stand for the opinions they hold. That harms the sovereignity and peace of the country, the democracy that exists and leads the country to the peak of fascism. Not so patriotic right?

Above all, student expression is backed by the rights they are well aware of and democracy. When they question, they shouldn’t be mocked at or suppressed, defamed or tagged as ‘anti-national’. They came up with questions and protests. What they need is answers and analysis of their demands. A simple and clear response. But if only the world was that simple, If only self motives did not exist, if only corruption was a myth, if only voices are not shut before it can reach out to ignite the lamp of awareness in the darkened society of benighted.


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