Exodus – The Movie

Exodus-The Movie
  • Kimberly Okesalako

The story of Moses and his expedition in saving “his” people is something that almost every person has been brought being told about. However, there are different tales as to how the story actually plays out. Moses is someone who was said to have a Hebrew lineage. Prophesised that a firstborn child of Hebrew blood would lead them all out of slavery; the pharaoh ordered the killings of all first-born Hebrew descent. Snuck into the castle and into the care of the present pharaoh’s daughter, he was brought up unaware of his lineage.  This starts out as the foundation for the story of Moses’s life. His faith is questioned in the movie as Moses is conflicted with the family he grew up with and that he was born from. His belief in god on the accounts of what is good and bad shows Moses as someone who appeared to have been on somewhat of an equal footing as the god. The movie shows many accounts where Moses knocks heads with that of the messenger of God. However, the Bible depicts this differently. Moses is a man who was abandoned by his Egyptian family and wondered the wilderness till he was found and taken in by a new one. Here was where he had supposedly found his faith.

Though the movie tries to follow the main plotline of the story, there are many sub-plots that were changed to suit the audience’s preference. In the Bible, Moses kills the guard because he whips a Hebrew slave that was unable to stand back up. Yet, the movie shows Moses, who is a general killing the guard out of frustration when he was called a Hebrew. The movie shows Moses to be a man who is extremely family oriented and is unable to break bonds. The Bible, however, shows him as a man whose main focus to follow the will of God no matter where it may lead.

The relationship between Moses and Ramses (his adopted brother) was also twisted. The bible shows Moses and Ramsey to be two boys who grew up together in a household where they had everything. Brothers and best friend, they did everything together, one not far behind the other, to a point where Moses “betrays” Ramses, he feels heartbroken. This is not the case in the movie. Moses is a general in the army and he has a lesser role than that of Ramsey. Though they consider themselves to be brothers, it was evident that there was a strain between both of them. This plays out in the entire movie, making it easier for the producers to portray that strife between them and broadening that bridge especially when Moses returns to his people.

In short, both the movie and the bible cover the fact that this was during a period before the existence of what we now know as Christianity. Based during the pagan age, it was difficult for the Egyptians to see that there is another god that exists and who has a higher power than theirs do.



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