As the CBSE Class 12 Board exams results were announced, many reaped the fruit of their hard work and dedication, receiving accolades from friends, families, teachers and so on. While there are the lucky ones supported by their parents courtesy a genuine overall positive view of life or the simple love for their kids, there are the others for whom it was yet another miserable feeling of not being as good as “Sharma ji ka beta” or “Gupta ji ki beti”.

More so,  there are the relatives. Even the ones you may never have met barring one or two formal meetings have a deep rooted interest in your performance. Suddenly, that result day turns into a big family reunion, whether physically or on the telephone. Every chacha, chachi, mausa, mausi, his mother’s sister, her brother’s wife’s sister, her sister’s husband’s cousin etcetera are, all of a sudden, worried about you and your future. Sadly, the marks, the comparisons, the unwanted opinions are not enough.

Further, comes the dreaded question: “What are your plans for the future?”. May I remind you that here we are talking about a 17-18-year-old who would have to get permission even to use the bathroom in class, to decide his entire future, especially based on these exams. The boards are important, yes, but let’s not forget that life is a journey that teaches us throughout and in order to choose something as important as the future career of an individual, it is important for the child to be in touch with his deepest self, his abilities, interests, his purpose  and choice.

The Viral Fever

This one is for all the recent high school graduates out there. To the toppers of the batch, congratulations. I only hope that you are doing what you really want to do,  not just because everyone tells you it is the right thing to do and to the ones bothered by “Sharma Ji ka beta”, you are more than your mark sheets. Don’t be defined by anything or anyone. Be true to the man in the mirror. Go ahead and conquer this beautiful journey called life.



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