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Three words are enough to ruin a happily running life. It isn’t “I love you”. “Results are out” grabs my mind this time. Simple digits in Exam Result turn out to be the reason behind shattering of many dreams. A blissful smile turns into a sad frown. So, mere numbers in your exam result lead to a change in mood.

Exam Result – It’s not the end of life

One needs to understand, you cannot be governed by the marks in your exam result. Low marks in your exam result do not mean failure nor higher marks means victory. High marks just mean that the student has the tenacity to excel at something. Maths, history and all other subjects are just standard subjects which are recycled and drilled into a student and the perseverance of this drilling is checked through exams. But, do it check your practicality, imagination or creativity? NO!


Reasons for low marks can be a lack of aptitude or you slacked off. Ask yourself. If you slacked off don’t do it again. Work on yourself. Instead of crying over it, you should prepare yourselves for the next battle. Expectations of maximum scores hurt the most. Leaps and bounds in what you need to follow. Hard work accompanied by reviewing the progress in what works the best.

Exam Result
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Though marks will give you a good job, behind which is running everyone. But, if only marks would have made someone successful then do not consider Facebook owner as successful. Or stop admiring the maker of iPhone which you are holding in your hand.


So, you got two options. If you think that you possess the aptitude, then strive for excellence. Work hard without anticipating your next score. This will fetch you great marks. Or, if you lack aptitude then make your way out. Young entrepreneurs are what for which our country possesses great scope. Use your imagination and do what others could not do.

Don't Pressurize Yourself
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Change your attitude. Marks do not define you. Your personality, thinking, speech is what gives you a presence in the society. You will surely reach a stage where everyone will stop asking your marks. No one has even asked my marks for a while. So, I got 80% in 10th standard. Well, that does not matter now. After all, you still read this article. Right?

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