Every Expert Was Once A Beginner

Expert Beginner

No organism existing on earth to man’s knowledge is a man of perfection. Neither was anyone nor is also, shall never be an expert, a living perfection. Its all due to a very obvious fact that every expert was once a beginner, no one was born with the qualities of a topper or a leader inherited in their hierarchy of genetics. They were all a beginner once before they had been an expert in their respective fields.

The examples of the entitled statement above are all the way dispersed in the history of the existence of life. Right, form the range of smallest to the largest creatures, the one as small as an amoeba to an extra stupendously large organism like titanosaur, all of them have had at least for once struggled for their very survival. They have all had lead a life of a beginner before they gained the title of a renowned organism in their particular species.

How can you even expect yourself to stand on a terrace unless you have guts to bear the pain of climbing stairs? You can’t, in fact, none can do even a thing to make you reach your goals unless you get out of your bed and begin to work hard with full determination to give your best.


Not just hard work, it also requires an all-time practice without a miss, to achieve everything that you crave for. Be it you, or any ordinary or celebrated personality no one is born with, a bed of roses saga kind of lifetime agreement with the god where one would have to face no pain but, only the luxuries of a lavish life.

To always remember just one fact that Tom Cruise would never have been, ‘the much-celebrated actor’ unless he would have had had the courage to pull up his socks to practice and compete with a crowd of millions standing in the queue competing for the same position. Like him, every one of us has to do the same. Even you have to make the ends meet to accomplish your aims. Life runs on a very policy, that if you wish to be a master in your field, you will have to start to work hard.


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