Ever Thought About Taking A Break?


I have been running to ticks lately; moving back and forth. Chasing dreams. Running away from them. Taking air in and out; does that qualify for a living?

In an attempt to get somewhere, I feel like I’ve overlooked where I am right now.
 So, I have decided to take a break.
Today I plan on travelling, and it’s not an easy route I’ve decided to tread upon. Today I have decided to go down the memory lane.
On days like these, Lucky Ali will be just the right person to accompany me on my little trip. I know there is a cassette sleeping somewhere in my drawer. Seems like just the day to sway to those songs that used to top my playlist a long, long time ago.
I still have those farewell photographs and videos saved; it all seems like tales from ages ago now. Scanning through these old memoirs, I cannot help but laugh at how awful I looked with my bob cut, and how confidently I pulled off a purple dress that I was told I was ”totally rocking”! Come let’s blow the dust off them and take a stroll through one of the most cherished times of our lives.
I sit swinging in the same yellow swing from my teenage years, thinking about all the characters I have met up till now, who have created ripples and waves in my life. Were they chance meetings or part of a larger plan?
I visit the old art studio I had joined, remembering the kid who wanted to paint the whole world pink! I pull out an old art book as I try to chisel out the artist lost within.
I drive back to that street at the end of the road where I tried my first smoke; under the lamp post where I had my first kiss. The bend on the road where we used to sneak out and hide from our parents as we got drunk. Oh, how I hoped for them to never find out!
As I sit under the same lamp post now, I reminiscence all the good evenings,
when I laughed till my stomach ache, and play  back the movies of those long nights
when I couldn’t sleep because of anticipation of the future.
A smile curves on my face, and my heart sighs.
I have always been told that one should live in the present with their eyes in the future.
But today lets dive back into the past!
Watch your younger-self through moments and memoirs today.We are always busy living in now, running aimlessly to ticks as time grabs us by our wrists, directing us where to go. But today slow it down and recall all those
fleeted away hours, weeks, years!Let today be about yesterdays. Let today be about memories, and experiences; of heartbreaks and lessons.
Let’s take a break today?


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