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India still has a long way to go in order to become a developed nation. More than 50% of India’s population is living in a rural area which is still very under-developed. According to Hindustan times, around 22% of India’s population is involved directly in farming. So the dream of a socially and economically sound India cannot become a reality without the development and upliftment of rural society. We should focus to have an inclusive growth.


Literacy is a very important issue when it comes to the development of the society. Literacy, which means the ability to read and write and knowledge in a specific area, is a stepping stone to consistent development. India is lacking behind when it comes to literacy. Illiteracy has acted as a growth inhibiting factor. But there are few  NGOs which are doing really tremendous work of spreading literacy. One such NGO is
“Eride (Empowering Rural Intellect With Digital Education)”.

Eride’s objective is to improvise the rural section of India. They believe in empowering the people living in rural areas with three awareness topics. These three topics are Digital literacy, Agricultural literacy, Finance literacy. Their mission is that every individual is provided with the proper opportunities to improve her/his digital knowledge irrespective of her/his financial and social background. Agricultural knowledge and recent agricultural advancements should reach to the farmer of even the most isolated part of the country. No individual is devoid of financial literacy and they find ample opportunities to increase their income.

Today, the Internet is not just about social media. It is much more than that. The Internet has become an empowering tool. It has much more content in it than it used to have a decade ago. A person can get almost any information on the internet today. It helps them to see the opportunities present out there in the world. The improved infrastructure has only helped it in getting better. And that is why Eride as an organization is using the Digital world as a tool to empower the rural society. They have been able to create an impact right since 4th October 2016 when they registered the organization under societies act. With help of the dedicated volunteers, they conduct sessions daily. In this, a batch of students is provided digital literacy employing hands-on practical training using tablets in their regional languages.

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In Digital Literacy they provide digital education to rural people in which 8 of their dedicated volunteers conduct sessions on digital literacy for a batch of 32 students who are provided with 8 tablets for hands-on practical sessions. They have prepared a 45 days course for rural people in their regional languages. With the help of projectors and 8 tablets, sessions are also conducted on the lines of “National Digital Literacy Mission”.

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NDLM is an initiative by the Indian government to digitally literate the nation. The mission of NDLM scheme is to provide digital literacy to every rural Indian. The government has themselves designed a digital literacy course. Making one person in every family digitally literate is one of the integral components of our honorable Prime Minister’s vision of “Digital India”. Around 15 Sessions are dedicated to the use of Microsoft office and in remaining, 15 sessions with proper interaction and guidance students are taught usage of apps like Coursera, Wikipedia, YouTube, PayTm, Internshala, freelancer and are taught how to make Gmail accounts etc.
After the completion of the course, students are tested in the span of 5 days in which upon clearing NDLM online exam, they are certified by the government of India to be digitally literate and also by Eride, hence empowering them.

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Under the Agriculture literacy program, they have collaborated with the experts in the agricultural industry to work towards solving the problems of agricultural literacy. Farmers are educated under the guidance of the experts about the basic techniques used to increase the quality and quantity of their produce.
Along with this they also aim to protect the farmers from the vicious cycle of middlemen. Because of the middlemen, the farmers earn only a meager amount despite their hard work. For example, once farmers in Maharashtra used to receive only Rs 3 on the onions sold for Rs 30. In order to combat this situation, they are helping the farmers to finish the goods before selling the goods. By this, they can directly sell the products and hence increasing the profit margin of the farmers. They also plan to create an online marketplace for the sale of the goods directly to the consumers, hence increasing their income.

erideEride under its mission has also started offering work from home- Digital Marketing Internship for students across India. The internship helps the students gain valuable insights of Digital Marketing concepts and also its applications. It’s a 21 days internship cum training program where students go through various modules and need to perform the related tasks. At the end of the internship period, an official certificate is also provided to the students for being part of such a noble cause.

If you wish to be a part of this internship program or want to contribute and support to ERIDE in any possible ways then kindly get in touch with them through the details given below:

Contact No.: +91 9849977964
Facebook Page: Eridengo
Instagram: eride_ngo

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