The entrepreneur: On a tea stall

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Unemployment – the global reason for a turmoil, although global it is specifically rooted in the society that we live in. The society of dreamers yet not winners, the advancing yet stereotypical society, the Indian society. Cut out the old school discussions on the effects of this turmoil, the vicious cycle wheeled etc. What development now demands is how does the knowledge of huge masses of the educated young lot go unemployed?

Image Credits: Swarupa Das

Well, the answer to this hit me real hard as I slurped the first sip of the steaming cup of tea in the warm shabby tea stall in my locality. My frequent visits had made me a favoured customer. And I took my liberty to question the bhaiyyan about the money he earns from those rich in savoury and stimulating cups of tea. Just after the words escaped my mouth, I groaned to myself at the stupidity level of my question. Unexpectedly the bhaiyyan smiled to his favoured customer and replied

“I never knew my hands could do such magic. And earn me money until I tried my luck with this business.”

He also proudly flaunted about the far-off and busy ‘rich’ customers that reach to him every morning and evening for that magic in his hands. An uneducated soul with the mere knowledge of making good tea, which rests with most of us terms. This very common skill a magic. That is when the wonders of entrepreneurship pictured in my mind. This might not be the best version of a success story, neither his business is the best one I have heard of, but I am awestruck by the zest and zeal that was palpable in the ‘the entrepreneur’s’ voice while he spoke about his successful enterprise. Ignorant of the peaks of revenues and troughs of cost, he builds up his enterprise to earn a living from the least investment possible. Such spirit is what marks an entrepreneur.

Image Credits: Swarupa Das

Every day thousands of résumés are flunked. Everyday years of education are lead to rejection. While the world hunts for employers, there are few who realise they can be one themselves. They won’t decay unemployed, self-employed they would be, turning visions into reality, they would be dreamers who are winners. As I ponder upon these pleasant thoughts, the aroma of cardamom refreshed me and make me compliment the magic in the entrepreneur’s hand for the third time since I met him.



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