Energy Cell

  • Sudipt Agarwal

The demand for energy has been ever-increasing and the technological revolutions have contributed to that in a great extent. The increasing demand has been a great boon to uplift the people but the same has been a great bane for the resources existing in the world.

The decreasing non-renewable resources and the inefficient renewable ones have created a huge problem for all the intellects across the globe who want to find a way for peaceful yet advanced existence of the human race. 

Energy Cell

The recent news gave very many rays of hope for alternate energy which have the potential to solve the current nightmare. A development has seen the formation of an inexpensive material for a type of fuel cell known as the polymer electrolyte fuel membrane.

It converts the chemical energy of hydrogen to electricity and is considered one of the most efficient ways to power electronics and electric vehicles, which are supposed to take over the mode of transportation in the future.

This can be one of the largest transformations since the dawn of humanity as it would evolve the entire world and the dynamics are such that the ever-increasing energy demand can not only be met but optimized and manipulated.

This development will affect each and every industry, which in turn will affect the economy and yeah, believe it or not, but the truth is economy is the keystone of every nation, profit is the keystone of every organization and if there exists a fuel which can assist in commerce, the world which has been suffering from global recession will definitely see a boom not only to prosper the population but also to promote welfare of the less fortunate.

The sooner such things can be in day to day us, the better it will be making this a world a better place to live in, not only for the humans who govern everything but also every existing life in the world!



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