Emotions that make us humans…


Emotions play important role in our state of living. We are nothing without emotions. It’s like Blood in our body. Its flow through our life. It defines us a human.


Happiness is state of being glad and joy. It elevates people’s life. We people, always love being happy. Happiness cultivates positive energy in our heart. Happiness is the stepping stone of every relationship in our life. It’s soul of being loved.


Fear is the quality of being inferior. Like, people fear out of lack of confidence. There are number of phobias to be listed. Seriously, People fear for silly reasons. Yet, it is something to be cared about. Fears are originated due to bad experiences and sustain for long period. Fear is soul of anticipation.


Sadness is the quality of excessive mournfulness and uncheerfulness. This result due to both present and past happening. Yes, at times it is a result of fear. When a loss becomes so deep, sadness gets worse. It’s a preliminary stage of depression. Sadness is a soul of lugubriousness.


Disgust is the state of strong dislike. It’s an emotion of disagreement. It’s a part of negative emotions and activity. Disgust is an instant emotion and people show it more abruptly and you can easily spot it out in their face. It is emotion of revulsion towards an unpleasant stuff and things. Disgust is a soul of offensiveness.


Happiness and surprise go hand by hand. Surprise leads to happiness. Surprise pop out unexpectedly. It fills your heart with loads of love and blessings. It is a unaware emotions, which is a overwhelmed one. Surprise is a key factor to express our love to our close buddies. Surprise, is a soul of astonishment.



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