Don’t Let Your Anger To Control You!


Why anger is so important to be handled?! Anger is just an emotion, but the way it is expressed ruins every type of relationship in our regular lifestyle. A famous quotation says, “For every minute of anger, you lose 60 seconds of your happiness! Yes, emotion of anger not only destroys you, it hurt people around you.

Anger can never be reasonless. So, what can be the various reasons of anger?

Defensive anger

Defensive anger arises when a person is of the need of defence activity to protect himself. It is triggered by the Fight -Or-Flight reaction. So, when a person is attacked by someone he gets anger instantly which further leads to other issues.

Aggressive anger

Aggressive anger is result of an insult and dissatisfaction. This anger is very dangerous and injurious to people opponent to them. At times, it may hurt people’s emotions who surround them. This type of anger may change entire character of people.

Frustrated anger

Frustrated anger is specific for every individual. Like, everyone has their own works and responsibilities. So, when they work hard but gain no positive results, they are tending to fall into this pool of anger. So when thus anger get prolonged it may cause serious disorders and depression.

Outraged anger

Outraged anger is so common nowadays. This type of anger gets originated when a formal system works informally. This anger get split out when their trust is no longer worth. This may result into frustration, hate and misbehaviour.

When you look deeper in anger, there is nothing you gain out of it other than loss of the relationships and character. One should know how to control his/her anger. He/she should know the harm they create to others when they are angry. He/she should ensure them that anger shouldn’t control them rather they should control and prevent it. “Anger is a small act that built a road of stress and problems!



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