Emanuel Macron Wins France Presidential Election!

emanuel macron

After days of tough campaigns and debates with far-right leader Marine Le Pen, Emanuel Macron won French Presidential race comfortably. He secured 66% of votes, which is much more than expected, in surveys.

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39 year old Emanuel became the  youngest president in the history of France. Except for the brief time as Economy Minister in the outgoing Francois Hollande’s cabinet, he doesn’t hold any experience in the Government. Even though it was a drawback  for him against Marine Le pen, it helped him earn the title “Outsider” and a wide support. Because of his views on Economic policies, Labour policies and continuation of foreign policy , he was accepted by many members of traditional parties. He won the elections, in-spite of a hack into his emails, aimed to degrade him in the public.

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This is definitely going to be a huge blow to Populist leaders on the European continent. After Geert Wilders-Far Right Leader, losing to liberal Mark Rutte, French results turned to be another setback to Rightists. The wave of populism which originated in U.S.A, after Trump’s victory, continued in the form of Brexit, but it was finally halted by the liberals of France.

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It was visible with Emanuel’s victory that, french people still accepts globalization and multi-cultural society. He took over the reins, when there was a lot of uncertainty, within his country borders and around the world. His party “En Marche” was established in last year only, therefore it is imperative for him to manage his party as well.

It was crucial for him to win a large number of Parliamentary  elections, that was going to held in next year, in-order to keep his promise and push legislation in French Parliament. Marine Le pen, should not be taken easy as her party “National Front” established in 2002, gradually getting improvised in all spheres. In parallel he needs to tackle the problems of Unemployment, Home security.

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