Elephants Killed in Kerala for Insurance Claims?


Elephants are the largest mammals walking on land. And India has a large number of elephants living across the country. But one shocking matter of elephants being killed for insurance claims in Kerala have e come to light recently and it has shaken up all animal lovers.

This matter came to publish attention when Sreehari the elephant from Thripunithura Poornatharayeesa Temple in Kerala, met with a tragic death in September. On doing an autopsy of the body the results revealed that the elephant did not die because of natural causes. Instead, it died due to sepsis from injuries incurred when alive. Thus result drove the wildlife department to probe into the matter and the conclusion they arrived it is quite alarming.

What their involvement revealed is that in many cases elephants, which are high maintenance animals, are sometimes killed by their owners when they are no longer able to earn the money needed for its daily upkeeping. Elephants are often insured and the owners kill them to get this insurance money.

The owner of Sreehari have been arrested and he is presently being detained and questioned by the police. Any claims for insurance of Sreehari, who was insured for ₹10 lacs have been stopped too.

This incident has brought to light something which was kept carefully hidden for a long time. I hope this makes people responsible for protecting the helpless animals aware and those harming them get a fair warning from this too. Let this be the last case of such a happening and not harm our animals for the greed of money any further.


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