Karnataka Election-2018


Karnataka election results 2018 have been turned out unexpected. Though BJP has won the highest votes among 5 other parties, it couldn’t catch up the expected number of majorities. Thereby, BJP has lost chance of arising as a single party.

From the start of counting process BJP was leading the entire competing parties. Next place was snatched by congress consistently. On other BJP CM candidate BS yeddyurappa offered prayers for success. Initially, people believed congress could form government in Karnataka though BJP was leading.

By 9:30 am BJP was ahead with 105 seats and congress with 69 seats, while JD(s) with 40 seats. And then by 11:26 am Trends showed BJP ahead on 112 seats, Congress ahead on 68 seats, JD(S) on 40 seats and Others on two seats. BJP started celebrating as trends showed party is at state of victory.

And finally result were announced. BJP won by 104 seatscongress with 78 seats and JD(S) with 38 seats. Many commented that result could have been different, if JD(s) and congress tied up. Even though BJP won the highest of all, they couldn’t attain the majority limits.

And by 2:00 pm it was believed that congress had alliance talks with JD(S). Then by 3:15 pm, some sources stated JD(S) has accepted alliance offer by congress. But at 4:08 pm, BS yeddyurappa stated, “Despite being rejected Congress is trying to grab power.

Following, by 4:13 pm, Siddaramaiah submitted his resignation to the Governor of Karnataka. And by 4:27 pm Kumaraswamy asked for appointment from the Governor, wrote that they had accepted Congress’ support. It has believed congress had accepted to offer 12 ministerial posts to JD(S).

After long debates and discussions by  6:44 pm, kumarasamy stated  “Congress has given unconditional support to JD(S). JD(S) will form government with the help of Congress. Have informed the governor about our decision. The governor has asked us to wait for other claims. I don’t know why the BJP has asked for two days.

By 7:40 pm PM modi arrives at BJP Head Quarters. “This is the 15th consecutive election that the BJP is going to win. BJP has already won the last 14 election. People of Karnataka made state “Congress-free””, said Amit Shah.

Finally, PM Modi initiated his speech. He conveyed that victory pf Karnataka is because of their quality work. “The BJP was deliberately branded a party of Hindi-speaking states but we have won elections Are Goa, GujaratMaharashtra, the Northeastern states Hindi speaking states? NoBJP represents India and our proud diversity; the BJP was deliberately branded a party of Hindi-speaking states but we have won elections”, states PM Modi.

Finally, he concluded the speech by the following words, “congratulating people of KarnatakaAmit Shah and BJP workers for victory in the state. I want to thank BJP Karyakartas. They have worked so hard in the elections. Our national president worked so hard. If one wants to know how an ideal Karyakarta works, one does not need to look anywhere else, look at our national president.


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