Is Education Building Too Much Pressure on Students?

Rise in Student's suicide cases

In today’s era, everybody is running after jobs. We want a good education. This creates a huge competition between students. Competition does help in increasing proficiency of an individual. But if someone fails in a competition. It leads to depression and in worst case scenario is suicide.

Parental Pressure over students

Parental pressure on students

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All parents want their kids to do well. Unrealistic expectations potentially damage long-term psychological effects. It also affects and hurt kids academically. Some study assessed student math achievement and parental aspiration and expectations on annual basis. They found that when parents pushed kids to achieve, they did rise to meet their expectations. But when parents tried to nudge kids past their realistic potential, the effort backfired, and the students actually did worse.

IITs or IIMs are the main goals

The situation becomes worse when students commit suicide. It is because of excessive pressure by parents, teachers, and society. In India, most cases of suicide were found in IIT’s. It is the most prestigious institute of our country. 15-20 students commit suicides every year. This is because of excessive pressure. Their parents used to pressurize them from their childhood. Every parent wants his child to enter into an IIT or IIM colleges. There are already many brilliant minds studying in these colleges. Some took this as a challenge and accept it but some get disheartened and lose their hope.

Complex Education System

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Children are under far more pressure in today’s society than in any other previous generation. They are the generation whose obsession with image and perfection has burgeoned. It is because of the rise of technology, social media, and the celebrity culture.Depriving them of a proper childhood by adding the pressure of competing academically at all costs could be the metaphorical straw which breaks the camel’s back.

A Guidance is all needed

Guiding and supporting them to be happy and stable as they go through their childhoods must be our number one priority. And we all know a happy child works harder. The parents should understand that if their children have an interest in something, he/she will surely excel. So it’s better not to pressurize but to support them.

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