Earliest Humans Were More Advanced


As saying goes on, “old is gold,” it emphasizes on the fact that old is always the best and you can do nothing to replace or compete it. Look back to the history of akin archetype and you’d be surrounded by ample of them. Whether you judge them in terms of the civilisation or medicine; be it inventions of tools to facilitate an easy life or their architectures, they would always be advancing us. In fact, despite being so technologically developed, so ahead, in some fields we are still nowhere near them and that is a fact needed to be accepted as quickly as possible.

One of my professors a few days ago told me about the Aryans, the mythological ancestors of the Hindus. I was left spellbound to know how smart and intelligent they were, millions of years ago. They had solutions to almost every problem to the mankind. Lacking in the technologies, in the facilities, in almost every field for a practical life they were still the champions to deal with every issue that could be a trouble to humans. One of their smartest moves that deserve ponderance and appreciation over was the one that how cunningly they connected the things which were essential to be done for a healthy living with the religion. And the commoners continued to follow them for ages.

                                                              They Were Advanced From Early on!

Today, even centuries after they departed as mere souls, we still follow their preachings. With so vast a progress in our share, we are still fighting on the name of religion, failing to look at the positive and beneficial point we are running behind a misconception. What an irony is this..!! This is such a great example to ponder a thought on how modern and smart were our ancestors, the early men. They could so easily manipulate and play with the mind of a common man. Just give yourself a minute to think how vast was their ocean of intelligence and knowledge. What we have today is just a small wave of it.

Go through an interview of some achieved archaeologist or pick some history books of the early humans and the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan Civilisations and mark my words, you’d skip a breath when you go through them. The bathing systems, the drainage systems were remarkably excellent. Today we are moving towards the environment-friendly sanitation systems, the eco-san, they were already smart enough in those days to have some of such in their localities. Isn’t this applausable.

Our ancient species were so intelligent that they in those times had developed the knowledge to use colour pigments, created advanced tools and were found engaged in resources’ trade. Researchers concluded that their evolvement of mental and social abilities and the usage of the aforesaid factors and awareness about the distant groups are adding to the long list of works the earliest men did at the time of the foundation of the humans’ origin.

You will always run short of words when describing or give voice to the historical and unknown deeds of the early men.  Just try to take your time to go through this, must know history and feel blessed to be the successor to such smart people.


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