Dunzo is an Indian company that provides delivery services in cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, Chennai, and more. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru. Kabeer Biswas founded it in 2014, who was an alumnus of the University of Mumbai. Dunzo works on one ethic and, i.e. to get your task done in the quickest way possible. It was started as a personal task management platform in Bengaluru and is now an app in major cities as well.

Today, the same day delivery app – Dunzo, is working well, due to high customer satisfaction and trust. It offers the below-mentioned services:

  • Restaurants 
  • Daily grocery stores
  • Medical stores
  • Fruits and vegetable stores
  • Sending packages
  • Meat and fish stores
  • Pet supplies
  • Electronic stores
  • Gift stores
Dunzo App - A same day delivery app
Dunzo App – A same day delivery app

Dunzo also offers same day delivery; and it not only delivers things from stores, but it also helps you send packages or items across the city. For example, you need a file, and you realise that you left it at home; what now? Well luckily, Dunzo is there to rescue you in such situations. You can place an order for a pick-up, and Dunzo assigns an agent to do the task for you.

Other features that Dunzo offers the customers are:

  • 60-minute delivery
  • No minimum order
  • 24×7 delivery

The most significant advantage of ordering food on Dunzo is that it delivers from all the restaurants or stores which are located across the city.

Dunzo started as a Whatsapp-based service, and now it has tremendously grown to become one of the best delivery providers. Over time, Dunzo made shopping simpler by creating a platform where pickup and delivery are performed smoothly. And today, every transaction on Dunzo is categorised into acceptance of a task, assigning a delivery executive, location, item confirmation, and money transfer. Earlier, these tasks were done manually. An employee would check for a delivery person and assign tasks accordingly. Once this was confirmed, the user and partner would initiate further conversation and then the process of pick up and the drop was completed.

Made it even easier

For more automation, Dunzo has built tie-ups and has focused on cataloguing. Now, the stores and restaurants have a list from where users can choose specific items that they desire. It has categorised items efficiently so that the customer does not waste his/her time looking for a product. With the advent of technology, Dunzo makes it a point that the merchant gets the order details and keeps the item ready for the Dunzo executive to pick up. Dunzo also charges a minimum amount of total delivery cost. The same day delivery app has partnered with 350 merchants across many cities to operate and function seamlessly.


The app has allowed people to manage and prioritise their tasks efficiently. It has helped in reducing the friction towards completing a particular task. The focus is to save and manage time effectively.

Follow the link to know more about how Dunzo got the first direct investment from Google.  


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