Drugs: An Addiction Which Kills!

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Drugs Origin

Life was a lot simpler when the use of the white powdery substance was limited till providing fragrance to a body or for preparing a meal of the day. Drugs came up in the form of opiate-based drug morphine as an injectable pain reliever in American civil war. But, this reliever became an addiction which ruined lives of many. Later, smoking opium was brought by Chinese labourers to U.S. to work on railroads. This too steadily became an addiction. Morphine, heroin, and cocaine used to be the majors of the 18th century until many new and exotic drugs, such as hallucinogens, amphetamines, and marijuana joined the race.

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The basic essence of drugs is providing a short termed relief. Pleasure for a short time endangers the long termed life. Any drug when injected in the body floods our brain with a chemical named “Dopamine”. Dopamine being a neurotransmitter controls our emotions and feelings of pleasure. Over-stimulation of this chemical gives a greater pleasure and joyful feeling. Along with it, it reduces anxiety and deadens sadness. These lead people to take drugs again and again. But, repeated dosage of the same makes it a habit. A habit which takes the form of addiction. And this addiction; kills.

The first intake

We can relate drugs addiction to a relapsing disease. A disease which is worse than cancer or tumor. Peer pressure or a so-called fashion turns out to be the inaugural of this disease. An ever heard and motivational quote “Bhai try toh kar! Kuch nahi hoga!” brilliantly performs its role. An urge to cope up with the peer turns out to be brutal. From trying once to a never-ending addiction lies a small gap of rationality. This rationality is used by few but ignored by many.

First Intake
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So, it depends on us. We can either enjoy a smaller span of delightful moments making rest of our life, a hell. Or we can peacefully spend our whole precious life with imparting other simpler ways of tackling anxiety and stress.

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