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Remember that time when you had a crazy dream and you woke up wondering what was that? What does this mean or why such a weird dream? Well here’s some dream symbols that might help you interpret your dreams. As Dream Interpretation is the way of getting inside our dreams.

Why do we dream?

In consistent with the psychoanalytical perspective, the dream theory of Sigmund Freud suggests that dreams represent unconscious desires and thoughts. Every dream illustrates a wish fulfillment. It is a conscious expression of an unconscious fantasy or a wish which is not accessible to humans in reality. Every Dream Interpretation has its own meaning.

Do dreams really have meanings?

Dreams that will have the most meaning, will generally occur during the deepest time of your sleep. However, they can occur at any time of the day when you fall asleep.

Dreams are generally affected by our environment and by the little things we think of. It is the physical surroundings and its sensation that is happening in real life. It is incorporated in the dreams of the dreamer.

For example, while dreaming, one might hear a ringing sound, which in real life must be a cell phone ringing or the doorbell. Similarly, this explains how, after watching a horror movie we have nightmares, it is because the emotions of fear and grief which we experience while watching the horror movie, leave an impact on our mind. Dream Interpretation helps us to find the reasons behind our dreams.

Given below are some common dreams that we have. Let’s see these Dream Interpretation and analyze them.

10 Dream Interpretation :
  1. Dreaming about someone:
Image Source: People

There are very various reasons why you dream about someone you probably know or seen. One reason is that you might have been thinking about this person before falling asleep. Another reason is, it is most probable that you have, in fact, is thinking of this person a lot lately, either because they have caused a negative impact on you or maybe a happy or positive one.

Dreaming about a dead person:

When you dream of a dead person, someone close or not, it can either be a negative sign or a positive one. For example, sometimes our deceased ones, whom we were close to, visit us in our dreams to comfort us and help us move on. Another reason suggests us that sometimes they appear to warn us about something bad that might happen. Also, we tend to see them when we are going through some rough days of our life, they come to comfort us and also give some guidance, as to what to do next.

2. Dreaming of Being Chased:

Image Source: Someone is Chasing You

Dreaming of about “Someone Chasing You” is one of the most common themes in the dream world. Running or being chased is a sign of, you either worrying about something in your life or the fact that, you are trying to avoid a particular responsibility. So basically, it is your subconscious mind trying to tell you to face the issues, because we all have responsibilities that we cannot avoid.

3. Water Based Dreams:

Image Source: Water

Water dreams represent the larger part of we humans, that is the subconscious part of the human mind, which we are not aware of. Also, water is often associated with emotions and the way of expressing them, because sometimes we are unconscious about our emotions too. However, there are many types of dreams about water, starting from ponds to oceans or even faucet water. These all have their own meanings. For example, when we dream of a flood, it tends to express our emotional pain, emotions of devastation or also emotions of overwhelming.

4. Dreaming of Death:

Image Source: Death

Dreams related to death often creeps us out. But Dreaming of dying has a completely different aspect. Dying can symbolize the end of a phase in your life and the beginning of something new. Or also it would indicate the end of a relationship.Sometimes, we might also dream of a death of a child. Dream of Child death is in relation with the fact that you are maturing in some way and with this, you are leaving behind your childish, immature conduct.

5. A Falling Dream:

Image Source: A Falling Dream

One of the funniest feelings that we experience in our dreams is that of falling. Hasn’t it happened to you, how you’re in deep sleep and out of nowhere you feel as if you missed the steps and just fell? Well, such a dream represents that you are overwhelmed and seem to have lost control over few things in real life. It is an indication of insecurities and inabilities, or even more so, it can also reflect your failure in a particular situation.

6. Dreaming of a Saint/God:

Image Source: Spiritual Dreams

There is a belief that, to dream of a God or saint is the most special thing. It means that a special message is for you from the spiritual world. Another aspect believes that it exemplifies true goodness and ideal notions. Finally, it can also mean that you are indeed a very helpful person, or on the contrary, it is you who is need of help, and as humans (especially ones who believe in the existence of god), in times of crisis, we tend to seek help from the divine.

7. Dreaming of a Marriage:

Image Source: Dreaming About Marriage

To dream of yourself getting married is a sign of your commitment towards your relationship and your partner. Or, it can also signify the union of the masculine and feminine aspect of yourself.

8. Dreams Regarding Vehicles:

Image Source: Your Favourite Vehicle

Dreams related to vehicles (car, train, bus etc.) reflect the extent and kind of control that you have of your life. On the contrary, it also is a sign of someone exerting their power on your life, that is, someone is trying to control your life. Now, to dream of being thrown out of the vehicle or jumping out, signifies your hurriedness regarding things and your temper.

9. Dreaming of Animals:

Image Source: Dream About Animals

Animals usually represent your own physical qualities and characteristics. It is the uncivilized and wild side of your personality. Although, you might not be aware of (depending on the characteristics of the animal). To dream of you fighting with an animal might signify that, you are trying to push that particular quality that is present in you, just as in the animal, to your subconscious part.

Now, it might have happened that you had a rather funny dream where an animal is speaking to you or just talking. This represents superior knowledge, it is also often, some sort of a message, a form of wisdom.

10. Dreams of School/Classrooms:

Image Source: Dream of School

To dream about a school can have a lot of meanings depending on which standard it is that you are dreaming about. It might reflect the bond and friendship you shared. Maybe It is about something that you learned while in school, a lesson which you won’t forget. Your dream might also suggest that you have to now prepare for the bigger world. Probably because you are going on to a new chapter of your life.

Classrooms, on the other hand, may signify that you have to change your way of behaving. You have to get a proper hold of yourself and behave properly.

So, if you had a funny or a weird dream last night and you are wondering what it meant. So, you’ll probably find your answer here through these Dream Interpretation!

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