Donald Trump Rejected Republic Day Celebration Invite Of India : Reports


US president Donald Trump has purportedly declined India’s welcome to be the central visitor at the Republic Day festivities. Toward the beginning of August, White House squeeze secretary Sarah Sanders had affirmed Mr Trump got a welcome to visit India. “I realize that the welcome has been expanded, however, I don’t trust that an official conclusion has been made,” Ms Sanders told journalists at that point.

The outside service has not given an announcement. The American government officials in Delhi said just the White House can remark on the president’s sightseeing designs.

Throughout a previous couple of weeks, US authorities have been showing that Mr Trump would not travel to India in January as the State of the Union location is planned for the winter month.

Be that as it may, previous US president Barack Obama came to India twice and furthermore went to the Republic Day festivities in 2015 on his second visit, in spite of the State of the Union location falling in January consistently.

Mr Trump turning down the welcome could be viewed as a low point in India-US ties, regardless of the great affinity PM Modi and he seems to have openly.

Typically, formal welcomes to pioneers for Republic Day are sent after the pioneer has effectively affirmed his or her participation. Previous negotiators have condemned the administration for releasing the welcome letter to Mr Trump before an affirmation.

Mr Trump declining India’s welcome to be the central visitor at the Republic Day festivities comes a long time after India and the US have had an unpleasant time over a scope of geopolitical issues. India’s emphasis on purchasing oil from Iran in spite of US authorizes on the oil-delivering country was not taken well by the Trump organization.


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