Does Result Day Means Funerals Now?


In India, every hour one student commits suicide. India has the highest suicide rates for youth between the ages of 15 to 29. This is no more a matter to be discussed over our dinner or in debates, this needs our intervention, now.

Exams, which are devised to test a person’s knowledge have now become a test of whether the students have the ability to cope up with the pressure or not. It has now become a test of life or death, period. Firstly the pressure to do well in exams germinates its seeds in the student’s mind and then comes the pressure of failure. Many reports have revealed that neither the families nor any other social institutions are able to provide enough support or solace. Due to the shortage of mental health professionals, today India faces this problem of lack of confidence and support in the youth of this generation. Stress and depression both being the main causes of suicide are commonly result of examination pressure. Conversations with physiologists suggest that student suffer anxiety and traumatic disorder as a result of exam pressure. The fear factor is the key reason why students go through depression and then it ends with suicide.

The most important thing for everyone to understand here is that the success of someone lies in what they choose to do with their resources, the actions that are taken by them, and not the grades. This thought process needs to be developed not only in the parents but in the students of the coming age as well, only then is there a scope of coming out of such a dilemma.


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