“There is nothing stronger than a woman trying to rebuild herself”

I don’t know if you are a boy who is sitting in the hopes that your (ex)girlfriend will call you back after the breakup or a girl who is confused and crying because of her own behaviour, but I do know that girls are not desperate , maybe we are desperate to make things work but we never get desperate and beg.

I know you might be recalling that one story where your best friend told you how his girlfriend couldn’t get over him and how she stalked him and cried after him and had such a hard time moving on, and I am pretty sure you are questioning if that is not desperation than what is?

The thing is that not only girls but even boys fit your definition of “desperate” sometimes. You see a relationship works with two people, however, most of the time one of them loses their feelings and the other one is left without closure, they are left with this heart full of love with no one to empty it out too. And while the one who breaks up feels this sudden rush of excitement the other one loses all familiarity, the one certain thing that they had in life is suddenly taken away from them, You can’t blame a person for fixing their heart.

My point here is that it is not the girls that get desperate after the breakup but it is that one person who still has the feeling for the other person who breaks up, now surprisingly there are statistics which support my opinion and they show that in almost 70% of relationships it is the men that break up and not the women hence the stereotype.

And if we are going by stats here, then it is also proven that even though boys have a gala time immediately after the breakup, it’s girls that actually move on faster, so shouldn’t this question be another way around?

Jealousy is normal, anger is normal, misery is normal after a breakup, but accusing someone of being desperate just because of it is not, because whatever happens the baseline is that everyone is trying to survive this world that we have built and we should respect their fight.


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