Diyas for Diwali


Diwali, the festival of light is very important to us Indians. But with the changing times the meaning behind Diwali is changing for us. Along with it is  changing the way we celebrate Diwali. When I was young I remember that we decorated our homes with nothing else but earthen diyas. We the young ones got  the opportunity to refill them with oil and it made us proud of ourselves. I used to wait for the time when the diyas will need refilling, peeking often on them.

But with the changing times, the diyas, the representative symbol of Diwali is being slowly replaced by electronic light, candles etc. This is more true in cases of the towns and cities as compared to villages. And what is even saddening is that the people whose livelihood depend on the selling of these diyas have to bear the burnt of this. Who knows, maybe their whole planning of celebrating Diwali depends on these sells? But with the dwindling sell of diyas, their income is decreasing too.

And do you know lighting diyas with mustard oil or ghee have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for the environment too?  So there is no issue related to pollution etc. But with the use of electric lights a good amount of our electricity reserve gets depleted too. So let’s go for diyas this Diwali rather than electric lights and celebrate the festival of light with its true meaning and spirit.

Here is a video which forced me to think about this matter. It’s amazing how a small matter such as this is often neglected by us, but the impact of these small changes in the way we celebrate our festivals may be immense.


Posted by Himangshu Kalita on Saturday, 3 November 2018


So,  this Diwali let’s light an additional diya in the name of those who make them with so much of efforts, love and dreams. This Diwali, let’s put some efforts to make someone else’s Diwali happy too. This Diwali let’s spread a smile on the face of someone who is in great need of it!


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