Why the Disney Pixar Movies are much more than Feature Films!

Disney Pixar Movies

All of us grew up watching and admiring every other Disney Pixar movies and shows.You guys have to agree with me on this one that we all still have that little Disney fan left in us. Didn’t we all love the little Nemo in  Finding Nemo and adoring Buzz Lightyear, to the rescue!? Of course, we did. And in fact, our childhood memories were made beautiful and worthy to remember because of the Disney movies!

But the movies which were just two-hour afternoon delights for us during the summer vacations, do have a lot more than just animated characters and cute stories attached to them. Disney Pixar has been releasing movies since 1995, starting with Toy Story being its first animated movie under the banner of Walt Disney. Now it has over 18 movies and some of them are more than just feature films.

Some of the Disney Pixar Movies:

These are my favorite picks among the Disney Pixar movies, which are much more than the animated characters, with the deeply engraved lessons in it. Have a look

Disney Pixar’s Brave

Brave movie
Image Source: Brave

“Our fate lives within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”

A movie about a Princess, Merida, whose mother wants her to be a proper Princess but she breaks off all the mandatory traditions and stands on her own. She masters the art of archery and stands boldly for her dreams. She does some stupidity in getting her mother into trouble, but as we all know the Disney ritual, an act of true love fixes it all. Now what we get to learn from this movie is how we should never stand still when it comes to achieving our dreams and also, nothing comes before Family

Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo
Image Source: Finding Nemo

A story about a father clownfish, who loses his son, Nemo, accidentally when some fishermen come and take him away. Hands down, the movie was an emotional roller coaster for me and I’m sure for all of us who watched it when we were tiny tots! But the movie beautifully portrays about the relationship of a father and his son. No matter what, your Father is always there for you to back it all up. And remember, “JUST KEEP SWIMMING!”

Disney Pixar’s Ratatouille


Image Source: Ratatouille

Isn’t it fascinating to know that a rat was the chef and was creating culinary masterpieces in a movie? Only Disney can come up with this idea right! But do we understand the real essence behind this motive? I’m sure now we do. As the famous movie line goes-“Anybody can cook!” Well literally, anybody can dream and if you are dreaming, you are already halfway there to fulfill it. So dream it all and chase it all lovelies J

I’m sure you all your own favorite picks when it comes to Disney movies. But these are my top three picks which actually do garner some extra messages rather than just the cute stories. They do have some beautiful messages with it and that’s the reason why they are still everyone’s favorite.

Keep watching and spread the joy!

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