In the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras’s restaurant, there has been controversy after separating entry and exit doors for vegetarian and non-vegetarian students and pasteorized posters related to different wash basins (instead of hand washing) and some students Have accused of discrimination.

In the pictures shared by some students on social media, there is also the name of a local caterer in these posters attached to the restaurant’s gateways. An officer of the institute expressed ignorance in this regard and said that if such a prescription is found in the right then they will be removed.

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One student said that the posters have been pasted near the two entrances of North Indian mess at the second floor of the Himalaya mess (Restaurant) campus. Among them, different entrances and washbasins have been indicated for vegetarian and non-vegetarian students.

In a photo shared on social media, a poster has written ‘Vegetarian Student Hand Wash’, in the second poster, ‘Winter mess-food management’ Entrance/exit for non-vegetarian students. ‘

After contacting this, an official of the IIT M’s Mess Surveillance and Control Committee told that they do not have information about the posters. He said that arrangements have been made to prepare Jain food (without garlic onions) but they are unaware of the discrimination arrangements on the basis of vegetarian and non-vegetarians.

A research student alleged that the demand for mess started for pure vegetarianism last year has now become absolute untouchability. According to some students, since the ‘Beef Festival’ was organized in May last year, some students started demanding a separate vegetarian mess.

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