Diary Entry – A Lost Practice


“After a long tiring day, I came back to my home, did all my daily chores and bounced onto my couch. Lost in the plethora of thoughts and farrago of emotions, I needed someone with whom I could share my feelings, but alas! There was no one. It was then when I thought of a friend of mine. A friend who is there for me always, to listen to my cries.

My Diary, she couldn’t respond to me though, but she never questioned me either. She knows all my secrets, all my affairs, all my ways. She is the only one, who understands me and is never judgemental about me. I love my dear diary. She is the only one with me, and for me.”


That was a generation when people completely relied upon their diaries. Their day began with their thoughts and events and they ended up sharing all whatever happened and all their mysteries and secrets with their dear diaries. Their beginnings were unpredictable, but surely their endings were not. And hence, their love for writing evolved. They improved, and at the same time made and stored their umpteen memories in those pretty little notebooks. Surely there was no space for soft copies. That was ‘the Era of Diaries’.

Gradually, technology happened. It evolved. Evolved and expanded till all the people fell into its pit. And today, it is urging people to suffer. Now people are trapped.. trapped within the networks. People forgot their best friend, the dairy, and involved themselves with their I-pads. Now so many soft copies exist, which are for sure not safe and permanent in those chips and machines.

People have forgotten their diaries because they don’t have one. They have forgotten the importance of written notes, and the beauty of literature. Diaries are found nowhere now. They are extinct. It’s like the end of the ‘Writing Era-the Era of Diaries’, and the beginning of the ‘Typing Era’.I don’t blame the technology for this. Rather, I blame the people who fail to understand the beauty of writing.. writing a diary at the end of the day, so that they could cherish their struggles of thoughts and moments later, when they would read it someday, after their long battles.. the battle of every moment, the battle of life.


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