Koi Bhi Dhandha Chota Nahi Hota Aur Dhandhe Se Bada Koi Dharam Nahi Hota!

Work vs Society Mindset

Living in a city and being an outsider in that city can give you a rough time, (sometimes).
And especially when you don’t own a private vehicle and you wander around in public transport. You meet people with strange faces for a time and then they are no more strange.
Sometimes few people reflect that same vibe as you and then you feel like, holy shit where have you been. That is the moment when you feel the pressure of Society Mindset.

And now I have started Enjoying it because there are topics and situations which sometimes are hard to even discuss with your close friends because they are not interested.
So while travelling it’s like we can speak out anything and everything. Be it like Current situation in Politics ( which I personally prefer and I always start with this), Cricket, weather, fashion, food anything as the audience in front give’s vibe of.( of course I can’t speak fashion to 50 YO uncle & likewise weather or politics to teenager Unless they do first. it might be conversation killer. NO RISK ).

So, this Saturday after watching wonder women, after a late night show I booked an OLA. A not so Tall man, in his early 40s I guess, came as a taxi driver.

Autorickshaw Driver
Image Source: Autorickshaw Driver

A Conversation

“Ma’am OTP?”

Given OTP, and the drive started. Now I have already been in the theatre for more than 2 hours. So, I just wanted my own space from any digital screen. Friends already left for their places. So being alone out of habit I didn’t have any other option but to talk to him.

“Aap hamesha itni late tak drive karte ho bhaiya?”

” ha Madam , 2 baje k baad chala jaunga”

” Ghar pe to sb soo jate hoge tab tak?”

” waise to sab soo jate hai but wo jagti rehti hai , mana karta hu fir bhi.”

“hmmm, Chalo Acha hai, subah fir sab milte hi hoge ?”

“nai madam, kahan milte hai, subah Pithampur jana hota hai kaam k liye, jab tak bacche uthte hai , main nikal jata hoon. aur fir shaam ko 5 baje tak ghar pahuchta hu tab milta hu, agar khelna na gaye ho bacche to.”

” Acha JOB Bhi Karte ho sath me, to fir driving?

” Madam Job se to Kharcha nikalta hai , future ki taiyari nahi hoti, aur dusri baat raat me kamai jyada ho jati hai . “

” Sote kab ho fir aap?”

” Subah ka jitna time hota hai yaha se jane k baad aur fir shaam ko aa ke 11 bje tak so leta hu, kya kare madam bacche hai 2 unke liye hi hai ye sab.

main nahi chahta wo b bade hoke rickshaw taxi chalaye mere jaise, bas uski hi taiyari hai”

“Work- life balance acha kr lete ho aap, all the best bhaiya.”

“Thankyou madam Ji, yaha se left lena hai kya ?”

And it went on for a while like this.

A Curse Saying

Every parent in the world do their best to their children, and so was he doing.
One thing that stuck in mind in that conversation was ” MAIN NAHI CHAHTA MERE BACHE BHI TAXI-RICKSHAW CHALAYE”. This is what Society Mindset is all about. No one wants their child to be a driver.

Somehow this sentence offended me, making it sound like it has been some curse for him. I know nobody dreams of driving taxi or rickshaw. But still, you gotta respect it. Maybe you are doing that out of some circumstances but there are people who have been doing this since ages in this job and they worship it.

You yourself are disrespecting your own job then how can you urge others to give it respect.


Why don’t they want their children to drive auto -rickshaw ? not only him why not in world driving is the profession..?

Our Society Mindset

Now with this question, I got my answer within myself only. “WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY”
“YES OUR SOCIETY MINDSET” Right now you may be having thoughts in mind that it’s easy to say, Ya, hard to Ya, their truth. It’s hard to do for me or you because we are not good at that. There might be some, who might dream of driving and want to continue it as a profession but due to societal stigma ” ARRE WO TO TAXI CHALATA HAI”, they are not able to continue.

Imagine you love to do something which has been already declared as a stigma in society. But yet you want to continue that interest as a job. Can you? This is the cruelest phase of Society Mindset.
Most of the time Our every thought, Each sentiment, Actions are the by-products of social norms. When people make an opinion about anyone or anything it is always society accordingly.

Our so-called society Mindset had decided that people driving a rickshaw, vegetable vendors, all the lorry wala’s are less respective compared to those who hire those rickshaw to reach home, or to those who eat vegetables of that less respective person.

Image Source: Servant

Self Realization

Now, ain’t those high respective people also are hired to fulfill someone else’s dream & they also get paid for?

Don’t those people to do things for their children?

If the purpose and reward of doing a job are same then why the amount of respect given is different?
Why this discrimination based on the type of job.?

Eventually, everybody is doing their job in which they are good at so With which device did the society measured what is respectful and what is not?

If you are doing discrimination, then do it fairly.

Your son/ daughter, in already 20s who hasn’t earn a single penny in this life yet has no right to show disrespect towards those who already have a job and feed their family on their own.

That my friend is disrespectful.

A Wrong Example

Each time I hear someone giving example such as “you don’t wanna be like that sweeping guy, so study well” and so many extras to their children or younger one, I get my answer of the very first question I asked (Why don’t they want their children to drive auto -rickshaw ? not only him why not in world driving is profession..?”)

By saying all this to those in childhood you are proving that it is an insulting job. You are planting a seed in their head, continuing the stigma that having such job is unworthy, gross, disrespectful and undesirable.

Children may internalize all these ideas from somewhere or someone else but it’s your prime duty to continue to be the loudest, most accepting, positive and consistent voice they hear. so that it can rise above the rest of noises.

Instead of teaching them which job is good, which job is bad why don’t you teach them why is job important?
Make them realize what is it to be like INDEPENDENT so that they can overcome their own struggle in future.
Your struggle and your hard work will prepare them for future, they will be ready to face any of those because they have seen you doing that very gracefully.

A Fight against Society Mindset

Next time you see a sweeper or a vegetable vendor, say ” look how independent he/she is, he has a job & he earns for a living, he does not rely on anyone for his needs. he could have chosen to sit and beg but he dared to differ and lighted his own candle.”
Instead of giving examples of a person who is doing the job, teach them about the job he is doing, why is he doing and what will happen if he won’t do that job.

What you have Learned?
Image Source: A Fight Against Societal Stigma

I wish next time when I ask someone about their job the answer would be ” I have been driving rickshaw with great dignity towards my job, though I could have preferred to loan it or beg it from someone. I chose to have a job and earn. So, I want to be an example for my child. I can’t give a lesson to my child about hard work and struggle unless I do.”

Whatever job you chose to do or no job that’s up to you.but when you do, do it with dignity and utmost respect.
Everyone is an employee at one level and everyone is Employer at another level.
The roots of respect should grow within house first.
So next time when you see someone doing their job, grab a moment and Thank them.

All the above-mentioned thoughts are totally my perception. So, if you have any other feel free to mention it.

Wrapping up now Until next time.

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  1. “Where attention Goes, energy flows and things happen”.

    The thought above also conveys your message that first put your energy towards right direction that simply means which kind of thought do you create while approaching towards any situation. If you are with the right energy & direction, then yes the things will happen in your favor. Well, you have presented it superbly madam.

    • Thankyou so much krishnapal sing rathod for your kind words.
      people like you Inspire us . Our thought always matters for almost everything.


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