Depression Mania: Common but Dreadful Disease!

Depression Mania

Today, people are running after money. In doing this they are under so much stress that results in depression mania. This is very common in India as 10 million cases of depression are registered every year. There are many causes of depression. So, It can be cured by the doctors. This is mainly found in teens and adults as they have a burden of study and job. This is a type of disease which affects the mind itself.

What is Depression Mania

Depression Mania is a state of low mood and aversion to activity. It can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of well-being. People with a depressed mood may be notably sad, anxious, or empty; they may also feel notably hopeless, helpless, dejected, or worthless. Other symptoms expressed may include senses of guilt, irritability, or anger. Further feelings expressed by these individuals may include feeling ashamed or an expressed restlessness. These individuals may notably lose interest in activities that they once considered pleasurable to family and friends or otherwise experience either a loss of appetite or overeating. So, These all are the symptoms of Depression.

Effects on Human Behaviour

Excessive Sleep
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Expressed insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, and vocalizing general aches, pains, and digestive problems and a reduced energy may also be present in individuals experiencing depression. A depressed mood is a feature of some psychiatric disorders such as major depressive disorder and dysthymia. But it may also be a normal temporary reaction to life events such as bereavement. It is a symptom of some bodily ailments or a side effect of some drugs and medical treatments.

What does the Study say

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The UK National Institute for Health and Care (NICE) 2009 guidelines indicate that antidepressants should not be routinely used for the initial treatment of mild depression because the risk-benefit ratio is poor. A recent meta-analysis also indicated that most antidepressants, besides fluoxetine, do not seem to offer a clear advantage for children and adolescents in the acute treatment of a major depressive disorder. So, everyone should live happily as depression can lead to suicidal attempts which are life threatening. Life is a gift given by God which should not be wasted. Be cheerful and make others happy. Being in a Depression is not a solution to any problem. There is always a way to lead your life. Life is a beautiful journey If you enjoy it. So, Open your arms and live your life to the fullest. Happy Life!

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