A Token of Love to You My Buddy!


A Token of love to those people who suffer from depression and lost their identity, worth, love and every single thing that they deserve.

Hey, My friend!
I know you are depressed
You are down, worried!
But, let me confess you
I’m here with you
To guide you!
To make you move…
What’s more interesting about life?!
It is a package of success and failures
But, here the life pushes you
And make you stronger
Smarter and even cleverer than before!
It is just the day of worry
Not a life of sorrow!
Fine, still disturbed…
Come here!
Just imagine you are a small kid
With the heart full of happiness and joy
You never expect things from people
You flow with life!
You create your own Happiness…
Grab your stuff
Climb over it
Play with it
That’s how your life is!
Learn the theory of “Survival of fittest!”
Pull your situations
Make it positive with your hands
Yes, It takes time But, you can!

Persistence is more strong than luck
Believe in you
Believe in your work and actions
You are wonderer in this world
You are a winner by birth
Never waste “you” by any relation
Don’t make you unrecognised
Step up
Move forward
I know it’s harder
But, When you try
You get “you” back!
Push yourself
Stay engaged
Don’t try to pull your past
Past is always a past
Life never gives you the time machine to change!
So, create a change at present
Find “Your Time”
Just have “Me time” for you
Work with your weakness
Enrich you strength
Speak to your soul
Guide it
Believe it
It’ll never betray you!
Never allow your feelings to overreact on you!
Trust your heart
Know your worth
Work over it, You’ll never feel depressed!
Make your own soul
Dive into it
Love it
Love yourself
Depression eats you
It makes you lose you
Throw it away
You are gonna win this world
Maybe today or another day
But, sure one day!


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