An election is a formal decision-making process of democracy in which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. India, with its ethnic, cultural and demographic variety, pins its aspirations highly on this democratic process, where they get to choose their representative from among them. But ever since it starts, elections turn out to gain political power and exploit resources at hand only.

The recent Supreme Court verdict banning political parties to use religion and caste for seeking votes has been welcomed by all political parties, but the question that crops up is how good is it to be true.

The conflict here is obvious. On one hand, we talk of representative in the legislature from various sections of society. On the other hand, we refuse to acknowledge differences that exist. Also, an election in India is characterized by rallying months before the actual polling, distribution of goods and promises to people to lure them into their camp. Votes are incentivized on grounds of caste, religion and family names. Each party condemns and defames their rival and the word pollution diminishes the prestige of the so-called due process of democracy.

And once the election results are declared, the voters find themselves back to the audience seat, only here without a popcorn and compelled to watch the ongoing series of blame games, shifting of accountability excuse for inactivity. This vicious cycle has deteriorated the standard of Indian election and needs a thorough reformation before it renders meaningless.

The coming state elections, especially that of up is expected to be one hell of a show with the splitting of SP, demonetization of BJP and silver lining for BSP. No matter the results, this can be said that a new trend is in progress. There will be a lot of expectation from Junior Yadav after this show of courage and break through from orthodox of family lineage.


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