Delhi Smogged Again : Where Do We Lack


In a bid to curb pollution in the city, The Delhi Government informed the State Assembly about 7,000 buses that have been booked for affronting pollution norms. 7,000 plus such vehicles were issued with challans for not having valid PUC (pollution check certificate).

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot informed the assembly that most of these buses were from neighboring states with the highest number of buses coming from Uttar Pradesh followed by Rajasthan for violating pollution norms.

On Friday, a massive dust storm took the Capital city by surprise. The speed of the storm was recorded to be 81Km per hour through the normal life out of gear. The sudden change of weather became the cause of disturbance in schedules of flights and trains.

This year will be a test case for Capital city to cut down the pollution altitude and attain relief in the breathing air quality for its citizens. Through the adoption of various anti-pollution measures, Delhi Government has made an attempt to take steps to curb pollution. At an average, Delhi experience a pollution rate of 150 micrograms per cubic meter of fine air particulate air pollution.

The survey last year brought to light the urgent need to maintain and keep into regular check the life-threatening pollution levels. The vehicles, factories, industrial growth and every small irresponsible act has added up to pile this disastrous problem. The government and the regarding authorities have made every possible attempt to reduce the tremendous levels of pollution in Delhi and neighboring cities. They have also brought into action the measures to keep a check on pollution in every city.

With so advanced a measurements, a question that arises constantly is ‘where are we lacking’ that the pollution levels are at such pace thus, making a city a ‘gas chamber.’ The anti-smog guns, a check at pollution levels and every measure possible has been brought into action to curb the extreme rise in pollution.


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