Delhi Deaths Mystery


One of the most mind-boggling news in the trend these days is ‘The Delhi Death Mystery,’ where 11 members of a family were found hung to the ceiling of their house in the morning hours on the June 30.
The family’s mass suicide came into light when a neighbor, Gurucharan Singh found the bodies hung in the house and informed the police officials about the same.

The details revealed by the investigating officials of the case so far are as follows:
• Post-mortem of eight of the 11 demised people has carried out which revealed no signs of struggle or strangulation. The post-mortem reports have also declared the deaths as an outcome of hanging.

• On the eve of June 17, the family gathered together for the Narayani’s grandchild, Priyanka’s (33) engagement. She was also one, among the deceased.
• On June 30, the family had a casual union at night after a long day of work for dinner.
• On July 1, next morning a neighbor witnessed an outcome of a mass suicide of the family members, i.e., the bodies hung to the ceiling. He rushed to inform the police.
• The officials along with the investigating team reached the spot and sent the bodies for post-mortem(PM) and forensic research. The PM reports are out.

Except for one, all the other members were found hanging. The police had bucked up the investigation about if the 11 members of the family had been murdered or have died as a result of the mass-suicide pact.

The handwritten notes have revealed the deaths to be a reason of some religious and spiritual angle. Now that the notes received from the crime scene indicate some religious reason, the investigators doubt on the possibilities of the family being a follower of some godman.
The eldest member among the demised was found lying on the floor while others, including the two minors, were found hanging.

They had all used religious scarves, motifs, and cables to hang themselves. They had their hands tied, blindfolded and cotton stuffed into their ears. Thier was a diary found in the house with detailed instructions for mass salvation and how the hangings should be concluded. The family had also conducted a haven a few hours ago before they were all dead.

Besides plywood, the family also had a dairy business. They would normally open their shop by 5:30 am but, on July 1, it had not been opened till 7:00 am. The customers had lined up outside. One of the neighbors wondered and thought to check in the house once.

He went to check and found the main door unlocked and the saw the entire family hanging in the hallway.

Sujata Nagpal, Narayan Devi’s (77) daughter accused media of spreading wrong suicide theories. Geeta Thakral, Devi’s niece also mentioned her suspicion that someone outside the family may be involved in this mass suicide pact.

It would be interesting to see, who is the real culprit behind the deaths, the family itself, or someone outside the family.



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