Death of a Journalist


This year’s World Press Freedom Index gives India 138th rank among 180 countries. YES! That’s correct. The reason behind this is the suppression of a journalist by political parties. India slowly degraded and now she hit a new low on this chart. Freedom of speech has been a real mystery for Indians. They know the first line i.e.- “All citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression” but they clearly ignore the second line i.e.- “Nothing in sub clause (a) of clause ( 1 ) shall affect the operation of any existing law, or prevent the State from making any law, in so far as such law imposes reasonable restrictions on the exercise of the right conferred by the said sub clause in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence”

The above line tells us that freedom also has limitations. These limitations were/are crossed by few “youngsters” of JNU when they shouted “Afzal hum sharminda hain, Tumhara qatil zinda hai” here Qatil is referred to as Supreme Court who ordered them to die. After this incident, Ravish Sir and brigade went to JNU and supported their cause. Took interviews and called them in debates. Why am I saying all this? because Ravish received a death threat in the name of Hindutva two days ago and he is saying that this an attack on our freedom of speech. Sir, freedom of speech is dead and it was killed by people like you so please don’t drag it into this. In short, I don’t find him a great journalist. (Exercising my freedom of speech here, it’s my opinion. Not imposing on others)
whereas a death threat is an act of cowardice. Ravish Sir is the only reporter know for ground reporting and he is getting death threats every day from the goons of BJP (as he said in his yesterday’s news report).

Before that Rana Ayyub also received a similar threat and her face was stitched in a pornographic video and was circulated all over Social Media platform.These two are the most recent cases of suppression of freedom of speech and this is not new. This happens every year and almost every news editor has received these types of threat on the phone.

A few years back Rajat Sharma also received a threat from father of a CM of a state (not mentioning his name here) when he asked him few tough questions. Gauri Lankesh was also the Victim of this wrongdoing.

In yesterday’s report Ravish Sir told us that these trolls were followed by Piyush Goel but he Geniusly skipped every other similar news such as when Raghu Ram tweeted that Modi’s mother should have considered an abortion when she was pregnant.(nobody showed that) He kept blaming BJP because the news he was doing was for his personal benefit (although he kept saying it isn’t about me which was ironical). He presented the example of Rana Ayyub who possess similar views as of Ravish. The news exposed both BJP goons and Ravish Brigade in a matter of hours.

A few days ago Ravish also used headphones inside a car and shamelessly stood by his illegal act.

India’s ranking was never too good, not even 4 years ago and it is because media isn’t diverse. They have soft corners for their favourite party. This problem would resolve itself when they’ll become completely neutral otherwise the rank would keep slipping downwards.

Now just login to your twitter account and see the comments on every BJP minister you’ll find these types of abuse and threats on every tweet. This type of trolling is universal hope Ravish ji make this issue more general rather than making it personal.

P.S.- My request to Police is catch that criminal as soon as possible. Death Threats are no jokes.



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