Dark Matter Aliens and the Heavens


Dark Matter & Aliens? Despite having way too much on our hands down on the humble planet of Earth, the heavens and celestial bodies have captured the collective imagination of the humanity since time immemorial. We have continued making massive strides in the field of astrophysics, astrology and all related space since, beginning with the first voyage of humanity to space, with Apollo 11.

There is a burgeoning interest in the space of space travel, colonising other planets and how can one forget to mention aliens when talking about space? Given the relatively recent progress in this field of science, discoveries are made every day, but not without a countless old theories being destroyed, which makes one question if anything that they thought they knew till now even has an ounce of truth.

After all, despite all our groundbreaking discoveries in the field of astrophysics, the universe has no clear explanation. Even though we know more about the heavens than our own oceans, the universe still remains one elusive mystery.

                        Aliens – Are They Coming For Us? 

One such discovery was the discovery of dark matter in the 1930’s to explain the rapid movement of galaxies within clusters. Dark matter is involved in many important functions of the universe. In fact, it is said that our galactic cluster is also surrounded by dark matter, which is expected to be in the shape of a ring.

A recent study claims that our limited understanding of such an important component of the universe is the thing that is preventing us from making contact with the aliens. It is perhaps what is making us unable to see the signs of extraterrestrial beings, who may be inhabiting a dimension which we are unable to process or perceive.

The scientists claim that we are unable to differentiate aliens from physics due to our unique vision of the world. In a nutshell, the study seems to claim that dark matter might be aliens themselves or perhaps at least something to do with the aliens.

This seems like a reach to us and it is perhaps because it is. This theory is still very early stages of development and this hypothesis is not the easiest to prove. Only time will separate the laws of physics from extraterrestrial life.


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