How Indian daily soaps have been defying the truth of Women.


We, humans, are complicated creatures.We vacillate between good and evil and are both moral and immoral as our environment and physiology dictate.As soon as we learn to implicate this fact our lives, it surprisingly becomes easy for us to tackle so many of our social affairs. But sadly, a large population of our Indian society has been withdrawn from this element of our existence and is driven into believing the flawless and fairy-like portrayal of man and woman by the INDIAN DAILY SOAPS.Sadly, India is a country where 90% of the small screen industry is eaten up by the daily soaps where there is no place for reality. And this country is a “sanskari” people land, the daily soaps with the weapon of cliche Indian values have been shaping up the mindset of our public into a garbage.And there is the reason why the younger generation is attracted towards the western media which is undeniably climbing up the ladder with serious good dramas.

Now, glancing at the Indian side, we could clearly see the stereotypes that have been ruling the television for so long. The women characters being the lead victims are divided into two extreme categories as good, innocent and marriage material and the other as a vamp, cruel and too independent.How on earth there are never realistic characters in the daily soap universe!!!.Oh wait, there are some, the supporting characters who can never be more ignored.This kind of entertainment in our society is not only useless but also harmful to the ones watching them set unreal expectations and tend to judge the natural psyche of people around them.

Take a look at these commonly seen tv characters who are dangerously crucified by the serial makers :

#The Good Girl: This character is played by a beautiful girl who can sing, dance, cook ,do well in studies and is capable of everything that will make her a successful person in future.But, her real merit lies in obeying to her fathers wish to marry the boy of his choice.She may be reluctant to marry but cannot deny the fact that what life her parent choose for her is the best she can ever dream to achieve. We have some progressive females too who fight to create her own destiny who gives some nice motivation to young girls.So, we need more of such strong roles.

#The Goddess Bahu: the same good girl now married to a household now is set out to break the world record for doing the correct things in the universe.To hell with her past achievements and grades ,all she has to do now is serve her husband, follow in-laws(or guide them to the path of goodness).She is the sole competitor to the other bahus and potential candidate for delivering the next hope of the family, baby boy.Her world comprises of the household and the relatives.In today’s scenario where Women is leading companies ,our national bahus are wrapped up by the  It is upsetting to see that the directors and producers with the power to influence a large mass is using this platform are deviating the society to a dark hole.

#The Vamp: Now, the vamp is a character who has to do nothing in her life except ruin the Goddess bahu. An interesting fact about the vamp or the villain is generally an outspoken lady simply evil because she dares to speak her mind out, is rich, is not placing her family before her work and is highly “unsanskari”. In addition to that, the female characters who refuse to be a  slave of the social norms fight with her parents(we all do!!!) and lead the life her way is shown in bad light.

Modern soaps like Sasural Simar Ka and Swaragini are a disgrace where series like Orange Is The New Black, Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are out there winning everyone’s heart.For sure, some TV soaps are showing the better side of Indian women and we bow down to their makers.But still, we have a long long way to go.




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