Crux Of 3 Day RSS Conclave !


In a 3-day outreaching programme entitled as ‘Bhavishya ka Bharat: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ka Drishtikon (India of the Future: A Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Perspective)’ has been conducted by RSS. This 3-day private meeting according to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had been organized to help people understand RSS and it’s ideologies. The conclave was held from 17 to 19 September, 2k18 at the national capital Delhi.

Bhagwat in his lectures had clarified many of the controversies and statements. Addressing a grand gathering, he accepted the fact, “In the form of Congress, a big freedom movement had started in the country which gave many great personalities.” Speaking on the issue raised by Congress President Rahul Gandhi about the RSS saluting a saffron flag instead of the Tricolor for 52years despite independence Bhagwat said that the organization salutes saffron flag (bhagwa dhwaja) every year as a gesture of paying Guru Dakshina.

Citing back to an old incident that took place in Jalan, Maharashtra, where a member of RSS climbed up the mast when the tricolour was stuck during the hoisting in a Congress function. Bhagwat clarified that the Sangh had always respected the national flag.

Let’s take a short glance at the major crux of the 3-day conclave conducted by RSS.

On day 1, the RSS chief Bhagwat clarified about how the Sangh works on and had been following an ideological framework. He also mentioned that the organization was never in the favour of excluding people and communities. He had also, in his lectures, rebutted to prove the allegation false which said that the organization had wanted its philosophies to be hegemonic and dominant.

He had also favoured the theme ‘festival of diversity‘ and promoted the unity of India’s rich social, cultural, linguistic and religious plurality. He claimed that it had been a challenge for the organization to be a thread that strung all the pearls (a social, cultural, linguistic and religious plurality of the country) together.

On Day 2, the RSS sarsanchalak stepped into clarifying as to what had been the reason for dispute between the secular and communal versions of India. In his response to the allegation of the RSS not accepting the constitution, he stated that RSS had not only accepted but had also followed the constitution forever. Speaking on the issue of RSS respecting the nation’s diversity, Bhagwat said, “Some people know they are Hindus but they are not willing to accept it because of political correctness, According to us the entire society is a Hindu society. We have no enemies, neither in the country or outside it.”

Talking about the brotherhood, he said, “According to us the entire society is a Hindu society. We have no enemies, neither in the country or outside it. The Sangh talks of a global brotherhood. This brotherhood envisages unity in diversity. This is the tradition of Hindutva. That’s why we call it a Hindu Rashtra.”

On the last and final day, of the moderately successful meeting, Bhagwat once again tried to gloss up the earlier statements. Trying to unite the Hindus of the country he said, “The RSS is trying to unite all Hindus… All Indians are Hindus by identity. Hindutva is the balance between all religions. A Hindu’s true belief is unity, No one is an outsider in India. Hindutva is different from Hinduism. Hindutva is about unity.”

Some other significant issues that Mohan Bhagwat talked about were:

* Ram Mandir dispute
* Declining Hindu population
* Reason as to why the nation needs to rise above casteism
* Women’s security


In the end, this 3-day conclave conducted by RSS was an attempt to expose the works, news, and rumours that the organization had been involved in. The conclave has been organized to conceptualize as:

An attempt to blunt and quite the growing opposition as the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party stands at the backfoot on several issues with the parliamentarian elections round the corner.


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