In the time when there is on-going of shifting of global super house from west to east, Peoples Republic of China very likely to be the first runner in taking world next superpower privilege status at least by seeing Chinese vast global dominance and presence there will be hard to find counter-arguments.

But this new global power unlike America not place where you dream to migrate for the better, happy ideal life hoping that you will enjoy the lavish life like on the coast of California, although there are equivalent  skyscpares in the like American Newyork in Chinese Shanghai just don’t be hypnotized by seeing that because this communist Chinese land is fearful and full with dark realities.

China project and show the glimpse of modernity to the rest of the word by its modern infrastructure, innovate technology speedy bullet trains to modern speedy highways to the immense dominance in the manufacturing sector, China can provide built, reshape the development and infrastructure to the faraway lands like in Djibouti to Hambantota but just don’t want to feel to look its own province of Xinjiang and people of this province.

Are they really a threat?

Uyghurs Muslim of Xinjiang is more or less like Jews of Hiter Germany for the Chinese communist government regime because of the treatment and policy of repression China adopted it seems like going back to Nazi repression of Jews.

Since the Xi Jinping became the leader of the communist party in 2013 and then President in 2013 Xi kept his stand and keep on telling that such a campaign and policy is needed to defeat the Islamist terrorism and the ideological virus of the radical form of Islam, despite having no proving grounds to make it logical.

As soon be sat on the Chinese biggest chair he waited no longer and started implementing his policies to crackdown the Uighurs Muslims who make up the 11 million of the total population of Xinjiang region.

First of such act of repression was came in light when Chinese Government ban wearing burqas, veils and “abnormal beards in the region, this order last year was strictly followed where local authorities were guided to” dissuade” the women entries in public places railway stations, airports and governments offices. Also the prohibition of growing beards in the idea of children to exaggerate religious flavours”, and stop the practising orthodox form of Islam in the region.

Much of the Xinjiang province cities are nowadays like Hotan in the western side of province is seems like a siege by an invisible enemy,’ with surveillance cameras, metal detectors .checkpoints, biometric data collection police outposts and local instructions to local resident to work and behave like spy is picture perfect view of draconian rule in the country by the Xi regime.

As the policy framework moves ahead to erase the Uighurs ethnic identity community is forced to go and attend the  “re-education camps” where they made to learn communist party dogma, unwanted pressure to learn and speak Chinese Mandarin and chapters of self- criticism about their own culture, Recent UN Human rights panel report suggested over 3 million Uighurs had been subjecting of detention in the re-education camps.

China current regime is on the way too reminiscent of its China repression in Tibet back in 1949 where same as Uighurs there was an act of brutality and shame performed on Buddhist pro-independence people, although the situation is not reached in that level and still there is a bright ray of hope.

Uighurs Muslimas are somehow ,not alone Bejing  communist minds always propagate the idea of being atheist and keep the rigid and stubborn towards any rise of religious flavour in Chinese air and annoys the people who try to perform religious practices even they not associated with any form radicalise orthodox religious ideology  like Protestantism, Falun or even Catholic church.

Xi Jinping Regime Turning Anti-Islamic To Continue Communist State Of Atheism?

Big loudmouths of the west in firmly keeping silence on this authoritarian ruling by the goon of east, even rest of Mulsim world is not showing its much interest in Uighurs association as Muslims especially Chinese favourite neighbour Indian, where one Mob lynching on the Muslim is part of and reason of huge and protest and slogans of repression of Muslim but no voice or protest still l invisible among Indian Muslim groups.

This also a great chance for the government in Delhi to raise the issue in the context of human rights and give some trouble to Chinese relaxation which they after gaining and swallowing failing India’s geopolitics by its “ONE BELT 0NE ROAD”.

But this thought of erasing one community identity is the long-term setback to Xi Jinping own bright ambitions where he wants to take Chinese global dominance as in level pace and level as American of 21th century or the colonial era of Britishers , Xi needs to everyone together,every community and group with its course only help Chinese dream. Xi needs to understand that otherwise other contenders also not far in reach one much it’s across the border.





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