Crucial Aspect of Politics

  •  Anzar Hashmi

In an era of modernity, one needs to know various circumstances which affects the economy in various ways. But to know about the economy and how does it work we must learn about the phases of government and its consequences.

If one wants to know the factual reason of system then one must try to understand briefly about the policies of government so that one can implement these policies in the day to day life. Justice, equality, secularism, democracy are the main pillars to understand the politics and its working.There are various kinds of the rule in politics of India which we need to understand and its consequences on the economy and how does it affect the economy as a citizen of India.

Our responsibility is to take part in important aspects of a nation that is politics and it’s totally reliable on the elections, that is why votes are really significant in choosing an appropriate leader for the states and central. The election is divided into two different parts and these are general and state elections in which one has to participate by giving votes, so it does play a crucial in electing a suitable leader for the nation. Voters play an essential role to choose the political party to run the nation and the states.

If one wants to understand politics then one should always try to understand the different techniques of the government but no one is interested in all this, as we do not have that much time to make things clear, if not given the pros and cons of state and central government how does one know that if one is going to vote to an apt party or not. One is not sure that will it help in making a better nation and help in the development of the country. 


The need of the hour is to spread more awareness and be alert in making a choice! 


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